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Made To Be Remembered

We don’t make shirts to make shirts. Not even to make the best shirts: even if that is what we get up in the morning to do. No, we make our shirts for you. Shirts you wear at work, at an interview, a presentation. Shirts for your ambitions. Your life.

Eton family

About Eton

It's not just a shirt, it's an Eton

At Eton, we never stop innovating. Being troublemakers in an industry where some things have been done the same way for 150 years.

Our goal: the best shirts in the world

One of our founders, Annie Pettersson, used to say: "we never hand over a shirt unless we are completely satisfied with it". Almost a hundred years later, those words still ring true. To us, anything less is unthinkable. We chase the flawless lines of a collar or cuff, push the boundaries for unique prints and patterns, and never settle for anything less than a fabric with a perfect fall and texture.

From Gånghester to the world

Eton saw the light of day in the village of Gånghester, Sweden, in 1928. Since then, we have grown into a global brand and reinvented the shirt as a garment you wear to stand out, not fit in.

Sebastian Dollinger

Creative Director Sebastian Dollinger

“Our ambitions are always sky high when designing. The shirt is an iconic garment. It deserves that kind of ambition.”

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Annie Petterson starts sewing for her neighbors — founds a company with her husband David


We specialize in shirts, under the motto “Never hand over a shirt unless you are completely satisfied with it.”


International launch. Eton takes its first steps towards becoming a global brand


Our shirts are found in some of the most exclusive stores in Europe


We pioneer the world’s first wrinkle-free shirt in 100% cotton


US launch — the “Stop Aids” shirt for Elizabeth Taylor’s Aids foundation


We create our most iconic shirt, the Signature Twill shirt


We launch the world's first wrinkle free linen, cracking the "impossible" fabric


Another first: the first wrinkle free flannel


Eton reaches customers in over 50 countries the world over

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What we do

At Eton, we never stop innovating

Being troublemakers in an industry where some things have been done the same way for 150 years.

From the world’s finest

We use nothing but premium raw materials, such as Extra Long Staple cotton from Egypt and California, woven by mills in Egypt, Italy and Turkey.

The perfect body fit — for you

Our experts have created a range of fits for your body type — enhancing key points like the shoulders, back, and face.

Renowned finish and wash

In 1992, Eton launched the first crease-resistant cotton dress shirt, together with Swiss experts. Today, we are known for perfectly sharp shirts — and stylish worn-in looks, garment-washed for extra softness.

Elegant cuffs

Elegant cuffs with premium inlays — double-fused — add definition to any sleeve.

Some things are secret

The complex process for making Eton collars is — their perfect cut is not.

WHYETON 20190412-1096

Our style

We aim to inspire the modern man to be the best he can be: Made to be remembered.

To us, a successful casual style is all about
letting the design speak: trusting in the elegance
of a collar, the drape of a high-end
fabric and the lines of a perfect fit.

Business Casual
For the effortlessly smart style mid-way between
casual and dressy, we believe in intelligent material
and color combinations – and shirts designed
to look as good without as with a tie.

Timeless Business
With a crisp dress shirt and tie as our canvas, we
want to inspire to mastery of details, patterns and
textures for styles that not only shine in a formal
business environment, but socially too.

Look your best on your days off. A relaxed style
should be as elegant as it is comfortable — with soft
knit shirts, cooling linen and smart cotton, styled
with ease and taste.

As shirtmakers, we strive to spread our respect
for and admiration of the art of white and black
tie to every generation – and encourage self-expression
in the latter, never the first.

Shirts you wear on a date, dinners, weddings. Shirts to wear to feel like your best self on a rainy Wednesday. Shirts for your life.
That’s what we do.

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