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About Eton


We empower the modern man through style as a personal expression.

“Never hand over a shirt unless you are perfectly satisfied with it.”

In 1928 we set out to be a flagbearer for style, quality, and craft, reimagined for a changing world. Inspired by our founder Annie’s motto we have championed high-end men’s style ever since – for nearly a hundred years. From our beginnings in Sweden, husband-and-wife team David and Annie, and how their dedication to quality and daring decision to dream big in challenging times continues to drive us today.

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What We Stand For

Because style is timeless, and fashion timely, we believe in design made to express individuality and inspire confidence through taste — sometimes sparked by, but never dictated by, trends or rules. Once, we set out to perfect the sharp dress shirt, pioneering the world’s first wrinkle-free cotton shirt in the process. Today we take our legacy and our obsession for menswear even further, championing the idea of craftsmanship and style for every occasion in life.

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Our Design

We create Swedish design with an Italian Twist: combining our Nordic approach to style and craftsmanship, always optimized though technology, with a Milanese sense of flair to create men’s luxury shirts, accessories, and lifestyle garments. Our collections range from sharp dress shirt for formal occasions to casual shirts, t-shirts and overshirts in luxuriously refined materials, made for relaxed moments. All accompanied by men’s accessories, made together with the finest craftsmen in Europe.

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Our Way of Working: Together

There are no short-cuts, workarounds, or compromises: driven by our legacy, we use the finest raw materials, and work together with our suppliers every step of the way to make sure that each product has the “Eton quality”. Behind your experience of our shirts, lies the dedicated work to source high-quality materials – the finest cotton, silk, TencelTM, wool – and weaving or knitting, finishing, constructing, and controlling the result in the optimal way, every step of the way, together with the finest craftspeople in Europe. No wonder we are proud to share our supplier list. Discover more below.

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The “Secret” Blue Ribbon

Unlike other brands, we see no need to put our logo on every item we
create. We know, that once you know the look and feel of Eton design, you will be able to tell the difference. Even in a crowd. The luster of the material, the cut, the collar roll, the precision of a hand-made tie proclaims our brand in a way a logo never could: quality speaks for itself. Once you now, you know. And when you do, the dark blue ribbon you see on the inside of each shirt collar is our little nod of confirmation: yes, you are right: this is an Eton.

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Our Goals – for a More Sustainable World

To us, Sustainability is every choice we make that is the better choice. It stands for our unique way of working together with our suppliers, the longevity of our products, our goals, and the road to the next deadline we have set ourselves: 100% organic or recycled cotton only, by 2025. Read more about our goals, our way of working and read our latest public Sustainability Report in our sustainability section.

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A Global Brand

As we are closing in on our first centennial, it makes us proud to recognize how the Eton brand has spread and is spreading across the world. With our Global Head Quarters still located in the old Eton building, in the Swedish village of Gånghester where we once started, we now meet customers in our own stores and in some of the world’s most exclusive department stores and boutiques in Europe, North America, the Arab World and Asia. Online, we have a near global reach through our own flagship store, and through partners.