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Eton Accessories

Contemporary men’s accessories: crafted for luxury, designed for your personal expression — made to last.

model styled with tie and warm scarf

Designed for Your Personal Expression

They say that style is timeless, and fashion timely. We agree. That is why we believe that the definition of modern design is to create for the moment, and tomorrow — by creating for you. With fingerspitzengefühl, our design team honors and reinvents accessories classics and designs new ones to set a new standard for a diverse, vibrant definition of contemporary elegance.

silk tie styled on model with suit

Crafted for Luxury

To us, the how is always a part of the why. That is why we create accessories the Eton way: finding the finest raw materials, the most highly skilled craftspeople, and checking the quality obsessively throughout. Take our grenadine ties: woven on one of the last remaining looms in the world capable of producing that elegant texture, we believe their luster and lightness speak for themselves, and for our method.

“By collaborating closely with our suppliers, we often get access to the entire process. Actually, we often approve quality on the loom, standing next to the weaver. It is a collaboration.”

– Nicoletta Grazioli, Design Manager

My Personal Expression


Loves a great accent color


Stands for elegance with a modern twist


Dresses to express her personality

Our Accessories Range

From contemporary, elegant ties, pocket squares and bow ties to men’s hats, sports caps, and warming accessories inspired by casual classics, all crafted for luxury and personal expression through an absolute dedication to design and craft.

Eton Ties

The accessory. Inimitable elegance.

The Classics: Cut from lustrous silk, in solid colors that let the material shine or featuring timeless patterns we love: paisleys, florals, regimental stripes, polka dots, and variations of the always smart geometric theme.

Modern Business: Inspired by the classics, reinvented for our times in high-end silk, cotton, wool or blends that create textures, and luster-levels that elevate your outfit and redefine timeless patterns – a stylishly textured regimental or polka dot in a smart, dusty color scheme.

model wearing cap and green silk bow-tie

Bow Ties

For a personal touch

We take a stand for the bow tie, and we are sure you agree smartly knotted, is a decorative addition to a man’s wardrobe, with a great deal of sartorial personality. Defined by quality of the silk, the choice of patterns, and the colors selected.

model wearing red cap and blue scarf casual styled

Scarves and Bandanas

Elegance with a rebellious twist

Whether one wears them as a style statement in your everyday life, or reach for them to celebrate the freedom to express oneself style-wise that a vacation can bring, bandanas have their given place in menswear – with a touch of rebellion, and a lot of style.

pocket square on cabinet with box open with range of pocket squares

Pocket Squares

Wearable art, exclusive to Eton

33 by 33 cm or 13 by 13” — a small detail that makes a big difference. Cut from feather-light, peachy soft or textured silk, effortless cotton, or even a wool-blend, our pocket squares are what we call wearable art: design items, created to add definition to everyday elegance and not-so everyday elegance.

range of caps


Made for today together with heritage hat-makers

We create our hats, whether a classic Panama or an equally classic but less formal baseball cap, together with heritage hatmakers in Italy. As always, we use the finest materials. To create each design requires a number of steps, based on decades of experience – and our design ideas: to create something timeless requires highly set standards.

range of warming scarves

Warming Accessories

The luxurious way to stay warm

Our cold-season assortment – with a section dedicated simply to chilly summer evenings – consists of scarves and hats, including beanies designed to make wool shine: in carefully balanced blends, selected for their lightness, their softness, or their richness our woolen accessories are created in collaboration with the wool specialists in Italy’s Biella district.

Made for Weddings

The best day in your life deserves nothing but the best

Nothing but the best for the best day in your life – that is our motto. Our assortment contains a wide range of timeless or seasonal accessories, made for weddings, or for renewing you wovs: made in our finest materials, and in a wide range of exclusive colors designed for your personal expression as a couple on your day.

close up white shirt

About our Shirts

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About Eton

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