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The essential cuff: sharp, contemporary and right for any style or occasion. A mitered angle at the button-closure adds definition. Convertible – easily switch to cufflinks.

Single cuff close up

The single cuff has a long-standing record as the go-to cuff above others. For a good reason, it is as suitable in the most formal environment as in a casual one and looks smart with or without a suit jacket. It is made with a structured, premium interlining (double fused) that, together with the mitered angle at the button-closure, gives it a sharp look that draws the eye. All our single cuffs are convertible: they come with Eton buttons (two holes, never one, and sewn on a shaft for durability), but buttonholes on both sides make it easy to choose cufflinks instead, should you want to.

•Balanced length, mitered angle
•Structured interlining
•Style: Versatile, timeless business, business casual
•Convertible, buttons or cufflinks

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