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Oxford Shirts

The “King of Versatility”

At once dressy and casual, our timeless oxford is a shirt you can wear in many ways, to many different occasions. The practical, and preppy-smart button-down is designed to look good with or without a tie, and the basked-weave texture the shirt is famous for adds dimension to dressy and casual fall looks.

The stylist's take on: the Oxford

"The Oxford is so versatile and has so many uses. You can dress it up, make it super preppy, wear it with a suit and tie. Or you could throw it on over a pair of shorts, if the weather is still warm enough, and that looks great too. This might be the shirt I've worn the most in my life, actually."

/ Mr. Richard Andersson, Creative Lead at Eton.

Royal Oxford

An Oxford with a capital O. One of the most iconic fabrics in the history of menswear, woven with a distinct texture, enhancing the characteristic basket weave structure.

"I wanted to inspire people to mess things up a bit every once in a while, wear their oxford shirts in a cooler way: wear a bracelet or two, button-up."

/ Mr. Richard Andersson, Creative Lead at Eton.

Style Tip

"An overshirt thrown on over a royal oxford shirt is my go-to for a look that hits mid-way between being in your shirtsleeves and wearing a suit and tie. It really could have been designed for the new, flexible workplace."

/ Mr. Richard Andersson, Creative Lead at Eton.

Meet the Stylist

Richard Andersson is Creative Lead at Eton and directs every styling session and Eton shoot with a sure hand. Born and bred in Stockholm, Sweden, where he lives with his family, including dog (and sometime Eton model) Stella. He can proudly claim never to have had a job that was not in menswear, from his teenage years and up. Perhaps not surprisingly, Richard started out as a stylist by being scouted at an event and offered a job on the spot, on the strength of the outfit he wore. The rest, as they say, is history.

Style-wise Richard professes a preference for the classics, done in a new, contemporary way, but believes that any outfit can be successful, as long as you are confident and comfortable wearing it. His own personal style? “Streetwear with a dressy foundation, and with a comfortable silhouette in focus.” Spot on, we'd say.