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The Shape of Art – Pioneering the power of prints

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Alexandra Engdahl
Alexandra Engdahl
lemon M

When you think of shirt prints, stripes and plaid might be the first thing that cross your mind. For Eton, that’s just the beginning. Beyond shirts, we also produce a full range of accessories like scarves, ties and bow ties which all make heavy use of print and color.

Unique Artworks and Patterns

The artworks and patterns are all created in-house and often start out as illustrations hand-painted by our print designer Anna Canavesi. Together with Nicoletta Grazioli, our design manager who is also responsible for accessories, the team produces motifs that range from quirky polka dots to psychedelic flowers and mythological creatures. In essence, the Eton print archive is an ever-evolving testimony that the shirt is a garment of personal expression and fashion.

While this might sound like a bold aesthetic for a classic menswear brand, it is knowing the rules that allows you to break them. The most extravagant prints have become a signature of the Eton brand, and many customers return each season to collect them. Exploring new themes each season, the complex artworks (all created in-house, often painted by hand) come with a story relating to the history of the brand. Sometimes, they may even have clever surprises hidden in them.

“I really love making accessories, because they’re the cherry on the top of the cake.”

  • Nicoletta Grazioli – Design Manager