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How to Tie a Tie

The tie – an elegant style accessory that is as classic as it is timeless. The tie has been used together with a blazer and a suit with a sharp shirt for a very long time. And it is considered just as elegant today as it was back then. The tie is said to have originated from the 30 years of war that plagued Europe between 1618-1648, and more specifically from a company of Croatian mercenaries who wore a scarf tied around their necks. After some time, the use of scarves then began to spread among French royalty and nobility – and the rest, as they say, is history.

The tie has remained relatively unchanged for a long time – although the width of the tie has changed over the years. This has then made it important to know how to tie the tie in a correct and elegant manner.

But how do you tie a tie? Follow Eton’s simple step-by-step guide where we show you the easiest way to tie a tie, ensuring that you’re ready for your big night as quickly as possible. There are many different tie knots, but here we have chosen to focus on the most common and versatile tie knot – the four-in-hand. This knot is easy to learn and suitable for all collar types.

Place the tie around your neck, with the wider side to your left — hanging a little lower (just above the bellybutton).

→ Pull the wide end over and to the right.

Now under and to the left ←
Then → back over the front to the right.

From underneath, pull it up into the neck loop ↑

Pull down through the loop in the front. ↓

Create a dimple — fold and squeeze the wide end just below the knot

Tighten and adjust — we favor a knot that is balanced to either the right or left, for an extra style statement.