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Custom Made

Discover our new service Custom Made and create the shirt of your dreams. Uniquely designed and sewn after your preferences. Personalize your shirt to perfection in both design and fit. Adjust a few size options, choose among a large variety of collars and add details that will make your new Custom Made shirt completely unique.

What is Custom Made?

Our Custom Made service is for you to always have the ability to find a shirt in your size and body fit.

No matter if our standard sizing fits you perfect or if you need to make any adjustments, we will make a shirt specially for you. You can always choose to make your shirt more personal by changing collar, front and adjust the length of the shirt or the sleeves. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to add a stylish monogram of your choice that will make your shirt one of a kind.

Step 1: Body fit & size

Choose your preferred body fit and your standard size.

Step 2: Collar & cuffs

Choose your personal collar favourite among our large selection. Thereafter, choose the cuff of your choice.

Step 3: Monogram

Add a monogram of your choice. Choose your design and make your shirt as personal as can be.

Step 4: Adjust length

Have your length of the shirt or the sleeves extended or shortened. Compare to how your standard shirt fits and make your adjustments thereafter by adding or removing centimeters.

Questions & Answers

What shirts are part of the service?

We have collected all the shirts that we are able to offer you to customize as a Custom Made shirt here.

What's your delivery time?

We will have your shirt sewn and delivered to you within 15 to 20 working days.

What happens if I order both a Custom Made shirt and a standard, off the shelf shirt?

We will deliver your standard shirt within our standard delivery period first and deliver your Custom Made shirt in a second parcel within 15-20 working days.

What's your regulations about returns?

If you by any reasons need to return your specially produced shirt we will allow your first return. According to distance contracts, your right to return is lost when an item is specially produced after your preferences. However, we really want you to be satisfied when you choose Eton and if you want to make a return of a Custom Made shirt please contact our customer care and we will help you out.

Contact us

What offer do you have in stores?

As we are able to help you out to measure and guide you to the perfect Eton Custom Made shirt in store, we are able to offer you a greater range of possibilities to customize.

In store, we offer you to change the width of the chest and waist, add contrasting details to collar, cuffs and buttons and of course all possibilities that you find here on our site. Find your closest store here and you are more than welcome to come visit us for a more detailed experience.