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Casual Shirts

Casual shirts — effortless and smart. Classics in new and exciting ways and contemporary street style elements interpreted in high-end materials. Made for leisure, casual and business casual.

Petrol Piqué Shirt – Long SleevedPetrol Piqué Shirt – Long Sleeved
Petrol Piqué Shirt – Long Sleeved
Light Blue Royal Oxford ShirtLight Blue Royal Oxford Shirt
Light Blue Royal Oxford Shirt
Blue Satin Indigo ShirtBlue Satin Indigo Shirt
Blue Satin Indigo Shirt
Green Piqué ShirtGreen Piqué Shirt
Green Piqué Shirt
Gray Piqué ShirtGray Piqué Shirt
Gray Piqué Shirt
Green Cotton–Tencel™ Flannel ShirtGreen Cotton–Tencel™ Flannel Shirt
Green Cotton–Tencel™ Flannel Shirt
Dark Blue Nature Print Cotton–Tencel™️ Flannel ShirtDark Blue Nature Print Cotton–Tencel™️ Flannel Shirt
Dark Blue Nature Print Cotton–Tencel™️ Flannel Shirt
Blue Heavy Dobby OvershirtBlue Heavy Dobby Overshirt
Blue Heavy Dobby Overshirt
Brown Jersey Shirt – Jacquard Fil CoupéBrown Jersey Shirt – Jacquard Fil Coupé
Brown Jersey Shirt – Jacquard Fil Coupé
Light Brown Mouliné Jersey ShirtLight Brown Mouliné Jersey Shirt
Light Brown Mouliné Jersey Shirt
Brown Checked Cotton–Tencel™ Flannel ShirtBrown Checked Cotton–Tencel™ Flannel Shirt
Brown Checked Cotton–Tencel™ Flannel Shirt
Navy Silk Twill Shirt – Polka DotsNavy Silk Twill Shirt – Polka Dots
Navy Silk Twill Shirt – Polka Dots
White Cotton and Silk ShirtWhite Cotton and Silk Shirt
White Cotton and Silk Shirt
Light Blue Striped Royal Oxford ShirtLight Blue Striped Royal Oxford Shirt
Light Blue Striped Royal Oxford Shirt
Dark Blue Heavy Oxford OvershirtDark Blue Heavy Oxford Overshirt
Dark Blue Heavy Oxford Overshirt
Mid Blue Lightweight Denim ShirtMid Blue Lightweight Denim Shirt
Mid Blue Lightweight Denim Shirt
White Long-Sleeved Piqué ShirtWhite Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
White Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
Blue Long-Sleeved Jersey ShirtBlue Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
Blue Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
Light Blue Floral Cotton–Tencel™️ Flannel ShirtLight Blue Floral Cotton–Tencel™️ Flannel Shirt
Light Blue Floral Cotton–Tencel™️ Flannel Shirt
Burgundy Piqué ShirtBurgundy Piqué Shirt
Burgundy Piqué Shirt
White Lightweight Flannel ShirtWhite Lightweight Flannel Shirt
White Lightweight Flannel Shirt
Burgundy Corduroy OvershirtBurgundy Corduroy Overshirt
Burgundy Corduroy Overshirt
Mid Blue Mouliné Jersey ShirtMid Blue Mouliné Jersey Shirt
Mid Blue Mouliné Jersey Shirt
Purple Mouliné Jersey ShirtPurple Mouliné Jersey Shirt
Purple Mouliné Jersey Shirt
Grey Long-Sleeved Piqué ShirtGrey Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
Grey Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
Beige Piqué ShirtBeige Piqué Shirt
Beige Piqué Shirt
Brown Wind VestBrown Wind Vest
Brown Wind Vest
Black Filo di Scozia T-shirtBlack Filo di Scozia T-shirt
Black Filo di Scozia T-shirt
Black Long-Sleeved Jersey ShirtBlack Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
Black Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt

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Casual Shirts
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