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Crew Neck

The classic T-shirt neckline: round, collarless with a smart, tighter fit around the base of the neck. High quality ribbed knit lining for style and comfort.


The T-shirt has navy roots: launched in 1913 as a light, breathable undershirt for sailors, the crew operating the ships also inspired the name of the original collar, the crew neck. Today, like many other garments inspired by the navy or military, it has become one of menswear's most iconic styles: defined as much by its round neckline as by the flexible jersey. To us, the goal is a crew neck collar as worthy of being shown off as any sharp dress shirt collar. Wear a luxe Eton t-shirt under for example a denim shirt like the classic, versatile layering piece it is, and layer with a wool overshirt for fall, winter, or spring — or keep it simple in summer, and throw on a jersey t-shirt and shorts, perhaps under a cotton overshirt.

• Rounded crew neck shape
• Soft, no interlining
• Business casual, casual, leisure