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A versatile overshirt collar made for smart layering. Classic turn-down style, soft interlining and a narrow spread designed to frame your face. Points 7,5 cm/3”, no band.


A favorite collar choice for overshirts, often cut from casual, textured fabrics that elevate the collar design's relaxed, smart look. Soft interlining and no collar stays. A narrow collar spread contributes its relaxed impression. Overshirts are shirt/jacket hybrids made for in- or outdoor wear and the turndown collar is designed for layering — it looks great not only worn own over a crew neck t-shirt but layered over another shirt. It's also designed for versatility: you can easily dress up your overshirt with smart casual pieces like a soft-wash shirt, knitted tie and dressy slacks. An effortless choice for the weekend, the evening and the office.

• Balanced width and spread
• Soft or no interlining
• Points 7,5 cm/3”
• Style: Business casual, casual
• No tie