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Man wearing an Eton White signature twill shirt

Made To Be Remembered

We don’t make shirts to make shirts. Not even to make the best shirts: even if that is what we get up in the morning to do. No, we make our shirts for you. Shirts you wear at work, at an interview, a presentation. Shirts for your ambitions. Your life.

A white Signature Twill shirt

A Masterpiece in Every Aspect

One of our founders, Annie Pettersson, used to say: we never hand over a shirt unless we are completely satisfied with it. Almost a hundred years later, those words still ring true. To us, anything less is unthinkable. We chase the flawless lines of a collar or cuff, push the boundaries for unique prints and patterns, and never settle for anything less than a fabric with a perfect fall and texture.

All different parts on a Eton white signature twill shirt
a black background

“Our ambitions are always sky high when designing. Maybe too high for just shirts. But on the other hand: the shirt is an iconic garment. It deserves that kind of ambition.”

Old picture of the Eton Head office from 1928

From Gånghester to the World

Eton saw the light of day in the village of Gånghester, Sweden, in 1928. Since then, we have grown into a global brand and reinvented the shirt as a garment you wear to stand out, not fit in.

Picture showing a lot of Eton buttons

At Eton, we never stop innovating. Being troublemakers in an industry where some things have been done the same way for 150 years.


It all began at a kitchen table, where Annie Petterson started sewing for friends and neighbors. Known for the quality of her work, she soon outgrew her kitchen and founded Syfabriken Special with her husband, David.


On a search for quality fabrics, our founders’ sons pass through a small town in the UK, Eton. Amazed but inspired by the number of well-dressed young men there, they create a new kind of shirt.


“The Eton shirt” was such a success that we chose Eton as our new company name, putting it over the doors of the charming brick factory that is our global headquarters to this day.


We launched the world’s first crease-resistant shirt in 100% cotton – leading to Eton becoming renowned for an innovative approach, and dress shirts with a truly exceptional finish.

In 1992, Eton launched the first crease-resistant cotton dress shirt, together with Swiss experts. Today, we are known for perfectly sharp shirts — and stylish worn-in looks.

Extra long staple cotton - cotton twig

From the World’s Finest

We use nothing but premium raw materials, such as Extra Long Staple cotton from Egypt and California, woven by mills in Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, and Turkey.