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“Never hand over a shirt unless you are completely satisfied with it.”


Inspired by Our Legacy, Crafted for The Future

Our collection of shirts designed for business and pleasure captures everything we believe in: crafting design pieces, made for every occasion in your life – designed and crafted for the luxury of style, made to last. Featuring classic dress shirts and modern classics for day and evening, timeless and contemporary oxford shirts, denim shirts, jersey and piqué shirts, silk shirts – and a versatile range of overshirts.

“Our ambitions are always sky high when designing. The shirt is an iconic garment. It deserves that kind of ambition.”


When Nothing but the Best is Good Enough

Call us discerning, selective, even particular. When it comes to raw materials, we are. We know the right choice of fibers is the foundation for a great shirt. That is why we use ELS, extra long staple cotton fibers, complemented by long staple, mainly from Egypt and California. It is also the reason we redefine “the best” on a shirt-to-shirt basis – finding the optimal way of creating the effect you want, whether it is a cotton twill with a beautiful drape, or an advanced, super-flexible four-way stretch we are proud to say is made from recycled polyamide.

For the Love of Fabrics

To us every fabric represents a possibility. Together, our Head of Fabrics and team look at every single composition to engineer a fabric made to suit each shirt and occasion, hand in glove. We always look for the optimal technique – whether it is for a twill with an elegant diagonal texture, a smooth poplin or a luxuriously textured oxford.

Our Way is: Together

We create our shirts in collaboration with some of the finest craftspeople in Europe, and take great pride in our way of working. To us, every shirt is project we do together, and we collaborate with our suppliers on a weekly, often daily basis to execute on a quality made to last.