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Moments Make the Man

"In life there are moments that will define who we are and will become."

– Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, Olympic gold medalist and world record-holding pole vaulter.

Our latest campaign, Moments Make the Man, is an intimate portrait of the moments, both big and small, which define a person’s life.

“Despite having been fortunate enough to have experienced some incredibly grand moments, met some of the best athletes in the world, and broken a few records, the smallest and most intimate moments define me equally as much, as an athlete, a person, and a man. There’s something beautiful about the simplicity of small moments.”

Mondo with a navy overshirt

Every Moment Matters

On the journey to realize our full potential we all must face defining moments that either makes us or breaks us. Regardless of if those moments bring us forward or not, all moments are a part of who we are - what defines us.


A defining moment can be anything from exchanging a smile with a close friend to helping a stranger. What’s yours?

The moments that define us the most are, perhaps, the ones we share with others. The importance of intimate moments, no matter how small, are truly what shapes us.

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