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The blazer has been a part of our armor for centuries. It has kept us properly dressed in milles-feuilles made only a layer lighter every year – no more. But in this new era it has suddenly become redundant. We shed our jackets like heavy weights from our shoulders in front of our screens: the shirt is the new power suit. It’s all due to a new realization: we can do things our way, a new way. A way that is far lighter than before. Because without extra layers of fabric, rich or light, we’re so much freer to pursue what we wake up every day to do. Free to roll up our sleeves and create the new normal.

The difference between good and great is attention to detail.

The Collar

The versatile cut-away. Seven layers with points in perfect balance (8,5cm/3,1) a double-fused luxury interlining, constructed with 3mm stitches frame your face in way that looks effortless, but takes years to achieve.

The Cuffs

The single cuff. Double-fused, with a luxury interlining pressed twice at a certain temperature secret even for you. Convertible – choose an elegant cufflink, or ready to roll button.

The Yoke

Patternmaking is an art and an exercise in mathematics. A yoke designed to fit, move and act with you – optimized for the shirt design.

The Fit

It takes years to develop a perfect fit — Signature Twill comes in super slim, slim, contemporary (regular) and classic, cut for all body types and preferences.

dress like you mean business in 2021

Style Guide

Roll Up Your Sleeves

The rolled-up shirt sleeve is a cultural signal of action, ability and willingness to simply do the work. Exactly what we need this year. We recommend elbow height as the most elegant option.

Unbutton & Untuck

For a smart but relaxed, versatile look for the home office, adapteded quick changes and the demands of a less formal setting —unbutton your collar. For the trend concious: style your shirt in a very modern way by leaving it partially untucked.

Button Up

The right tie is always right. It defines the face and a shirt to the next sartorial level. For a relaxed, modern feel – think texture: grenadine or wool-silk