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Formal Wedding Dress Codes

How to Dress for a Wedding

The best day requires the best shirt. This is our guide on how to dress for a wedding.

Black Tie

We’ve all wanted to look like that one spy with the three-digit name. The good news is that you can. Just wear a classic tuxedo in black or blue with black lapels, a sharp White Tuxedo Shirt with double cuffs, a white pocket square, a black bow tie as well as a cummerbund – to give that seamless look between the shirt and trouser for a neater, more elegant look.

Summer Wedding – Linen Suit

While summer wedding invitations can state any dress code from formal to beach formal – you can do no wrong if you dress in a light linen suit and our White Signature Twill Shirt. A way to adapt to the season that both cooling and elegant.

Creative Black Tie

The perfect look for a more formal summer wedding. If you want to truly shine, pair our White Signature Twill Tuxedo Shirt with a White Linen Dinner Jacket.

White Tie

Have you ever wanted to feel like a star? Look no further. Superbly elegant and completely dictated by tradition, the white tie requires evening tailcoats and high waist trousers. To elevate further, add our crisp Piqué White Tie Shirt and our White Piqué Vest. Don’t forget our White Bow Tie.

Cocktail Attire

A stand-out look for a special day. You can’t go wrong with a suit in a classic color paired with our White Signature Twill Shirt. Add a tie – and you’re golden.

Trend Look - Silk

Sometimes you just want something modern and trendy. In that case, choose our White Silk Shirt for a tasteful, clean look; a shirt so elegant it can be worn by both the groom and the guest. To further elevate the cool, modern look, button it all the way up.

Picture this: you, a glass of champagne in your hand, dressed in a White Tuxedo Shirt or our iconic White Signature Twill Shirt. You’re sporting an elegant pocket square and an equally elegant wedding tie or a silk bow tie.

How’s that image? Pretty great, right? Well, let’s make it a reality.