Every man’s guide to what to wear to a wedding as a groom or guest, how to decipher
dress codes or set your own and look and feel your best at the wedding of the season (a.k.a. every wedding).


How to carry off a formal wedding in style — recognising the elegance
of dress codes honed over deccades, even centuries,
and honoring a very special occasion by going the extra mile.


So formal it makes black tie look casual, white tie requires evening tailcoats, classic high waist trousers, a crisp white piqué shirt with standing wingtip collar, single folded cuffs and white stud buttons, a white piqué vest — and a white bow tie.


Don’t mess with perfection. Express your sense of style through a perfect fit when wearing white tie. Black tie is a different matter. The tuxedo shirt offers a wealth of options for personal expression, like this luxurious floral brocade.


A little less formal, so very cool. The classic tuxedo in black or blue with black lapel requires a white tuxedo shirt with double cuffs, a white silk or linen pocket square, and of course, a black bow tie in a texture that matches your lapels.


Because your day is your day. In
2019, celebrating who you are as a
couple through a less formal, personal
style is less of a trend than a
dress code of its own.


Go for a smart casual style with a great fitting blazer, and a shirt that acts as an accent piece. Superior quality — Egyptian or Californian cotton — makes a clean, modern style shine. Always choose a smaller collar for a tie-less, buttoned up look.


Also known as beach formal, this style is perfect for a summer wedding. A white linen shirt and linen trousers give you a crisp, classic appearance. Break it up with a light blue linen blazer. For a slightly more formal look, choose dark blue.


One word: champagne. A champagne silk tie and pocket square — although never featuring the exact same pattern — is wedding. Another option is to colour-coordinate with your significant other’s flowers.


Turn your shirt into a memory. Add a monogram, name, initials or the wedding date to celebrate marrying your person. And remember: nothing looks smarter than a perfect fit.

The Eton wedding guide Summer 2019 edition

What to wear to a wedding as a groom or guest. The menswear guide to deciphering wedding dress codes and finding the shirts and accessories in superior quality and just the right style and fit for you.

What to Wear: White Tie. (Don’t mess with perfection)
Self-expression is an important aspect of style, but white tie (along with morning dress if you are British) is the most formal of wedding dress codes, and therein lies its beauty. Wear a black tailcoat and a classic pair of high waist trousers (ending 4 cm over your belly button) with the crispest of white shirts with standing wingtip collar, a white piqué vest and a white piqué bow tie. Faux-pas to avoid: an ill-fitting outfit. The vest should never be visible under the jacket.

White tie: groom or guest
Groom: Express your personality as a couple by matching your boutonniere with your loved one’s flowers. Faux-pas to avoid: an ill-fitting outfit. The vest should never be visible under the jacket.

Guest: Honor the occasion and your friends’ or loved ones’ wishes for their wedding by sticking to the classic get up.

Shirt: white piqué shirt with wing collar, single folded cuffs and white stud buttons. Accessories: white piqué bow tie, white piqué vest.

What to Wear: Black Tie. Suave, classic, elegant — but expressive.
One step away from formal white tie and possibly the most suave of masculine styles, the tuxedo gives you a traditional base: a classic black or Windsor blue with black lapels, a black bow tie that matches the texture of your lapels and a white silk pocket square. But the tuxedo shirt offers a wealth of options for personal expression: from the popular, classic white in refined, supple piqué and all the way to a floral brocade, the only defining factor is your personality.

Black tie: groom or guest
Groom: Again, a simple boutonniere is a way to coordinate with your spouse and your floral theme.

Guest: Don’t own a tuxedo? No fear: a dark suit and black bow tie is absolutely an acceptable replacement. The most important thing is to be there and celebrate your friends or relatives.

Shirt: A double cuff tuxedo shirt. Accessories: black bow tie in a texture that matches your tuxedo lapels, white pocket square in silk or linen, black cummerbund.

What to Wear: Summer Wedding Cool linen, slight tan
For a beach or garden wedding. Your big day is a perfect day to wear something that makes you feel like your best self. A white linen shirt worn with linen trousers give you a crisp, classic appearance — and keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer sun. Add a white jacket or break off the look with a light blue linen blazer. Choose dark blue for a more formal touch. (For a truly casual wedding, say barefoot on the beach, shirt-sleeves can look just fine). Either way, a blue summer sky acts as the perfect backdrop.

Summer wedding: groom or guest Groom: To make a relaxed look worthy of the occasion, aim for a perfect fit: use Eton Custom Made for your shirt and take your jacket and trousers to the tailor for the little changes that make a big difference.

Guest: If there is a colour scheme, wear a shirt to match. For a more discreet touch, choose a colourful accessory. As a guest, wear a jacket to show respect: blue jacket is always a suitable choice — lighter colours for daytime only, darker for night.

Shirt: A white linen shirt or cotton linen if you are the groom, or a more colourful linen or cotton option if you are a guest. A pale lilac or pink is always a great choice. Accessories:

What to Wear: Modern Wedding Clean-lines, Scandinavian style
While not technically a dress code, a modern style where your personal taste as a couple is the guiding star is one of our time’s most popular wedding styles. At Eton, we believe in personal style— this is your day!— and that a modern wedding is one that fits your lifestyle, makes you feel well-dressed and confident. Choose clothes with a quality level and fit that celebrates the occasion. Our top tip is to aim for high quality materials — Egyptian or Californian cotton, high quality linen or TencelTM for the shirt, high end cottons or silk for accessories — and to pay special attention to your shirt collar. Very often, grooms who don’t feel like tuxing up end up choosing a semi-formal, or smart casual style: a well-cut blazer or suit, but maybe no tie — A more subtle, smaller collar for example gives you the option to button your shirt but skip the tie — creating an intentional, stylish look. Use accessories to add personality.

Summer wedding: groom or guest Groom: A summer scarf worn casually under the jacket adds a pop of colour to match your significant other’s outfit or flowers.

Guest: A modern, personal wedding invitation — come as you are — can seem confusing. However, as a man you can safely vary the same three ingredients: a blazer (dark blue is always a respectful choice) trousers and a crisp shirt, preferably one in a light summer colour.

Regardless of what you choose, have a great time at the wedding! To all grooms out there: our sincere congratulations on finding your person, and our very best wishes for your life together. It’s quite something, finding the person you want to wake up with for the rest of your life, and celebrating it together with friends and family.