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A New Store Experience

3 min
Johan Lundberg
Johan Lundberg

We have launched a new physical store experience! And we’re starting the change at iconic Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm where our new store has an interior concept grounded in our ambitious goals and sustainability strategy.

The interior is produced using mainly reused/repurposed materials: floors made of reused oak , shelfs and hangers created of recycled plexi glass with details in stainless steel.

”We want to give our customers an experience which exceeds their expectations of our brand and creates a feeling of style, quality, and luxury, while at the same time challenging ourselves to take a step further when it comes to sustainability. To develop and launch this concept here on our home market is a given.” – Atul Midha, Global Retail Director, Eton

NK store 2

Victor Ramirez Kristiansen, the store’s manager, describes the place as a meeting point for modern and classic styles, for both the younger and older generations.

“NK is more than a department store. There are events, music, fashion shows, and much more. I think no matter which Eton store you visit; service will always be of the highest standard. We always strive to exceed the customer’s expectations and give them an experience they won’t forget.”

Would you like to know more about our approach to sustainability and initiatives we have in the pipeline for the future? Follow this link: Sustainability