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Spring Summer 21


The Craft of Art

The island of Murano has been the epicenter of the glass-blowing world since the 13th century. For this collection, we were inspired by its hot shops and museums, and by glassmaking techniques that take a lifetime to master and design that lasts much longer than that.


“Having a timeless aspect to the things we make and wear matters more than ever. An Eton shirt is made to last: we have never been interested in the next, discardable trend.”

Sebastian Dollinger
Creative Director


The Stained Glass Floral

This shirt gives you an opportunity to show your taste with our original floral print. Inspired by the art of stained glass: note the clear, darker outlines.


White Chandelier Print

This vivid print features a deconstructed glass chandelier that catches the eye. A clever color palette means it is easily and elegantly combined with jackets in classic shades.

New Arrivals

Confident, versatile, full of energy — new styles for a fresh take on dressing for work and life.

The Graphic Micro Weave

A unique shirt that elevates the texture of everything from woolen slacks to knitted ties. Subtle and smart, it was inspired by filigrana glassmaking — glass rods superimposed to create patterns.


The Murrine Glass Micro Print

A stunning patchwork design printed on fine poplin. Modern and minimalistic with a “textured” look that will stand out in your next meeting.

“Micro prints are an art in themselves; its bold artistic inspiration edited down to a versatile, easy-to-wear style.”

Sebastian Dollinger
Creative Director


The Murano Crowd Print

Hand drawn from memory, this print was inspired by a lively crowd heading to the island of Murano. Muted, dusty colors make it both modern and surprisingly easy to style.


Jewel Tones

The bright colors that define so much of Murano glasswork elevate this sports-inspired check. Note the quiet elegance of the densely woven fine twill.

Bright Colors, Dusty Shades

Spring Summer 2021 is a season of color: inspired by the bright designs of Murano and the faded but unbeatable elegance of neighboring Venice.



The Wind Vest

Cut from a luxe technical fabric, the water-repellent wind vest can be worn under or over your jacket as a smarter-looking option to a sleeveless windbreaker.

“This is a modern performance vest made in a fantastic quality. Italian in style and flair, but with a functionality that is an expression of our Scandinavian roots.”

Sebastian Dollinger
Creative Director