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Victor Ramirez

Victor enters style with the mindset of Italian ’sprezzatura’, which means to make it appear as if no effort or thought went into it. “Keep it simple,” he says. “Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and don’t be afraid to take risks."

He is a guitarist, a goalkeeper in handball, and the store manager for Eton's brand new store at NK in Stockholm. The store has its core in sustainability: the interior is mainly produced using reused/repurposed materials: the floors are made of reused oak, shelves and hangers are created with recycled plexiglass and details in stainless steel.


Victor is inspired by classic styles from the 1920s and 30s. Back then, among other things, men wore three-piece suits with wide lapels and high-rise trousers; narrow striped dress shirts with white or matching collars; long overcoats; Derby and Newsboy caps; Oxford shoes and laced-up boots.

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