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Eton is a leading, global luxury men’s shirt and accessories brand, founded in 1928 in the village of Gånghester, Sweden. Dedicated to quality, innovation, and style, Eton reaches customers in 45 markets worldwide.

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Our Values

We believe in working together and supporting each other. We value unity, collaboration, and having common goals. When we work as a team, we can achieve great things. We believe in treating everyone equally and embracing diversity and inclusiveness.

At Eton, you will get the opportunity to contribute to change through your knowledge and ideas and learn from experienced experts and colleagues.

We are dedicated to developing and finding efficient, smart solutions and ways to achieve our goals - as an employee, we believe you and all your Eton colleagues would be a valuable part of that work.

We are a luxury brand: as an employee you would be a part in creating an elevated experience in every touchpoint.

You would have the opportunity to go the extra mile to create an experience out of the ordinary.

Inspired by our shirt, we aim to be leaders in every field. You would be a valuable team-member contributing to constant improvement.

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We are proud and excited that Eton, as a whole, lives up to the high requirements for what characterizes a good workplace. After a thorough evaluation, Eton AB in Sweden and Eton, Inc. have once again been awarded the certification Great Place to Work®. The results in our other markets are equally positive.

The certification is based on the Great Place to Work Institute’s global standard for what characterizes a good workplace and is a proof that Eton employees experience a very high degree of credibility, respect, justice, pride, and camaraderie within the organization. We are proud of the acknowledgement, and we see this certification as an important milestone towards becoming an even better employer. However, we will not settle with this certification – quite the opposite – we are already considering what next to tick off the to-do-list in making Eton the best workplace in the world.


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We are a global company, with an office in Gånghester and other workplaces in the world. We offer new employees the opportunity to work in a global environment. Sustainability is a given in how we evolve going forward, just as equality and diversity is in how we recruit and how we work.