Justus Frederic Hansen

City: Hamburg
Profession: Student, Social influencer
Eton customer since: 2006
Instagram: @justusf_hansen

During law school he started an Instagram account to share his passion for great menswear. Things soon got out of hand (in a positive way) and he now caters more than 334k followers with style inspiration from some of the most prestigious brands in the world. Meet our new Custom Made ambassador – Justus Frederic Hansen.

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Describe your Eton Custom Made shirt, what makes it unique to you?

My Eton Custom Made shirt is the classic White Signature Twill shirt. With its rich white tone and incredible texture it's the perfect shirt to wear on a daily basis - both winter and summer. Because of its very clean design, you can - and should - wear it to a suit, but it is also great to wear for dinners and night outs. So the white Signature Twill shirt was my basis. First thing I added was my initials to the left side of my shirt. This makes it a shirt that only I will be wearing. I chose the left side for my initials and not the cuffs, since this way others only get to see the them if I take off my suit jacket or jumper - I like my shirt to be subtle. Second was the change from a single cuff to a rounded French cuff. Usually, such classic cuffs make it only wearable for business matters, but I think that rolled up sleeves with stiffer cuffs actually look nicer than with single cuffs. It’s the thickness that gives it a unique look, which is rare to find on a plain white shirt. Third and last customization was the rounded collar. It gives the shirt a 1920s look, but very subtle because I left out the pin. This way, it is the classiest form of a shirt to wear to a suit, but also very interesting to combine casually. With dark grey wool pants and minimalistic sneakers for example.

Why do you want to have your shirt Custom Made?

Because this way, I can compose all the details to my liking and by that, have influence on how the shirt appears. I see customization as a pre-step to designing, therefore an easy way to give my shirt a personal touch. First thing I’ve added for example was my initials on the left side of the shirt.

What makes a great shirt?

There are many things that make a great shirt: the fabric, the quality, the cut. But it’s difficult to find them all combined like you do with an Eton shirt.

When did you buy your first shirt?

I bought my first shirt in 2006, by the time when James Bond “Casino Royale“ was playing in the cinemas. The elegant attire and especially the shirts left an impression, so I went looking for my own elegant shirt. I chose Eton’s classic white twill shirt with a Cut Away collar.

Why do you choose Eton?

I choose Eton because of its elegance. Eton shirts stand out through the quality of their fabric, detailed sewing and beautiful collars, not by a logo on your chest. I’ve always appreciated that sobriety.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style very much reflects the way I am. One day I feel like wearing a more casual outfit, the other day I’m going fully suited. In general, I would describe my style as a mix of very elegant attire, sporty & casual elements, combined with a passion for quality, details and fit.

If you got to recommend Eton Custom Made to one person, who would that be and why?

My dad. He recommended Eton to me, so I’d return the favour and recommend Custom Made to him. I know that he’s as much a fan of detail as I am, so being able to choose the details on his shirt himself would be to his liking. I’m sure he’ll like the rounded french cuff too.

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