Allan Edward Hinton

City: London, United Kingdom
Profession: Photographer, Content Creator, Travel Blogger
Instagram: @chaiwalla

A couple of years back he decided to quit his job to pursue the dream of travelling the world. Always on the move and with a camera in one hand he blends the look of the travelling man and the cosmopolitan citizen. Meet Allan Edward Hinton - our new Eton Custom Made ambassador.

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What makes a great shirt?

The fit of a shirt is important to me. I am tall but skinny so not all shirts hang well. The fact that Eton allows for customisation is a big plus. I like a shirt that is well made as I will always be bringing it in and out of a suitcase and probably running around taking photos within it! Also it feels nice to have trust in the quality and to feel a strong hem, or well sewn and sturdy buttons, gives a sense of satisfaction.

Why do you want to have your shirt ”Custom Made”?

Apart from the above points I wanted to have my shirts custom made as I wanted to create some individuality, especially with the collar shape and lengths of the arms and body (I'm a tall guy!). Having my initials on the sleeve added a great amount of sentimental value and made it unique. I believe I am a one of a kind personality and like to have an individual style to match it. My Eton signature shirt has now been with me on one of my recent travel trips and I've made personal memories with it that no one else, except maybe in a parallel universe(!), have had. There's a bond with the shirt and the brand now that can't be replaced.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to believe that my style is scruffy. I love to travel and I am always on the move but I like to look good and thus feel good so I balance the travelling man look (beard, textured hair, shorts or loose and comfy trousers, sandals etc.) with someone who keeps an eye on fashion and someone who has also lived within a cosmopolitan city for many years so is clued up and brave with my choices.

Why do you choose Eton?

I was initially drawn to the design, the variety in choices and the fact they had some bold patterns I'd not seen before. For me too it was important to find a shirt that I could wear casually but also have one that could look good if I needed to dress a little more classy. Then I believed that I could be assured of the high quality and I'd be confident the shirt would last a long time. The company has been producing shirts for a long time and that gave them some additional competitive edge. What with having family in Sweden I personally liked the fact Eton has been founded in Sweden too and that the shirts were made locally within the EU.

If you got to recommend Eton Custom Made to one person, who would that be and why?

I would recommend Eton shirts to my brother in law as I believe that he shares the same values with me. Quality is important to him and he is often talking about how within men's fashion the shapes of clothing changes between brands and he finds it harder than most people to find clothes that fit well.

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