Eric von Fricken

City: Brooklyn, New York
Profession: Composer, photographer
Eton customer since: 2012
Instagram: @ericchristian

He's been playing the piano since he was 4 years old and now aims to charm the world with his music. While working extra for a premium menswear department during college, he discovered Eton. He wears his dress shirts in the same way he composes music – with his own personal touch. Meet our new Custom Made ambassador – Eric von Fricken.

Describe your Eton Custom Made shirt, what makes it unique to you?

I like my formal shirts to be worn more causal. I like to dress down but at the same time up, if that makes sense. I love a quality shirt worn untucked, sleeves unbuttoned, allowing the shirt to flow. And a breathable soft material for constantly running around the city to stay comfortable. I’ve added a monogram to my Custom Made shirt since I’ve always loved the personalization detail it adds. Ten people can buy the same shirt, or even just have a shirt that looks similar, but having a monogram makes it uniquely yours.

When did you buy your first Eton shirt?

I bought my first Eton shirt in Spring 2012. While working part time in the men’s suiting department at Saks Fifth Avenue between my classes at Berklee College of Music, I had to wear suits regularly and I found the sophisticated, yet contemporary patterns from Eton so much more exiting and interesting than the basic patterns I was used to. Also as a classical musician we always performed in a suit. Even to rehearsals we would always dress up to give the experience as if it were the real thing. So I got to a point where I was wearing a suit almost every day as I had school 5 days a week and usually worked primarily on weekends.

Why do you choose Eton?

Eton is unique because it’s one of the very few designer dress shirt makers who breaks boundaries with its patterns. Just in the last 5 short years seeing the brand evolve, Eton has always stood out in its market.

How would you describe your personal style?

Summarized in three words: simple, uniform and relevant. My style is classic, which means I don’t think it could ever really go out of style. There will be little details I change every few months, but for the most part it’s a uniform. For instance, during fall and winter I have a few pairs of the same YSL boots which I wear almost daily. During the summer, I switched to a few pairs of Gucci loafers I wear every day. My jeans are almost always black, and during the warmer days I live in a handful of different Eton linen shirts, which I love to wear loosely and unbuttoned - perfect for summer weather.

What makes a great shirt?

Fit and fabric. Obviously it has to fit your body correctly, but material is also everything. Not only is quality important, but comfort. I don’t care how expensive or nice a shirt is if it doesn’t feel comfortable on my body.

Why do you want to have your shirt ”Custom Made”?

I am very particular when it comes to the fit of a shirt. And as close as I may find a shirt to my exact dimensions, it could always be a little bit better. Every person is shaped and sized uniquely, it makes sense to have shirts made that way as well.

If you got to recommend Eton Custom Made to one person, who would that be and why?

My friend Johnny Kalis. He works in a casual environment but needs to be formal often for meetings, which are often scheduled last minute. But on any given day he doesn’t want to be overly formal, and the fun patterns Eton does really work for a creative environment.

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