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Button Down

The preppy classic. Designed to make the collar stay in place, whether the shirt is cut from a structured or softer fabric. Points 8cm/3,1”, band: 3,5 cm/1,2”.

Button down collar

With a soft interlining, the button-down is kept perfectly in place by two-hole buttons, sewn on a shaft for durability — for an elegant arch, or "collar roll". Originally inspired by the game of polo, the button-down is an American icon: a preppy classic. Add a slim club tie, a blazer and chinos or jeans, and you are ready for the office. For dressier style, add a tailored suit and a knitted tie in the Italian fashion.

• Medium spread and height, buttons
• Points 8cm/3,1”, band: 3,5 cm/1,2”
• Soft interlining
• Style: Business casual, casual
• Slim, knitted, or no tie