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Cut Away

Medium-sized points and spread makes this our most versatile collar — sharp-looking but balanced, it’s designed for any style, with or without a tie.

Cutaway collar

Essential in every wardrobe: carefully developed to be the right choice for any occasion, any style, any combination, the only exception being formal white tie. We have carefully determined the right, medium height and precisely balanced the spread for a collar designed for timeless business — with any tie, wide, regular or slim — business casual and smart casual off duty look. Perhaps worn with something relaxed and smart like a combination of a suede jacket, a fine knit sweater and well-cut chinos— or a sharply tailored suit.

• Balanced collar spread and height
• Points 8,5cm/3,1”, band 3,5cm/1,4”
• Structured interlining
• Style: Versatile, always right
• Tie or no tie