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What is your view on sustainability?

For us, high quality equals sustainability. We aim to produce long-lasting garments and to minimize negative environmental and social impact while doing so. We believe that the first step to a more sustainable clothing industry is to promote durable and timeless products.

Where are your shirts made?

The majority of our shirts are made in Romania, but we also have sewing facilities in Lithuania, Estonia and Sweden. Below you will find a list of the Eton production cycle, from raw cotton to finished garment: Cotton origin: Egypt, USA Spinning and dyeing: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Egypt Weaving: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Egypt Finishing: Switzerland, Germany and Italy Sewing: Romania, Estonia, Lithuania and Sweden

How do you monitor your shirt production?

Being a product specialist means that we can monitor every stage in the production process. We work closely with our suppliers and conduct weekly visits to guarantee the highest possible quality. All our suppliers are required to sign our code of conduct and code of ethics, which regulate the working conditions at each supplier. We perform regular controls, both in-house and external audits from independent third party organisations.

From where do you source your cotton?

We mainly use cotton from Egypt and the US. We exclusively use extra long staple cotton (ELS), which is characterized by its extra fine and long fibers, resulting in durable yarns and elegant shirt fabrics.

Why cotton?

Cotton is a durable fiber with incredible natural performance. It is soft to wear against your body and has excellent breathability. From an environmental perspective cotton is more complex since it requires a lot of water. We treat cotton as a precious fiber and include it in our carefully produced and long lasting garments. We constantly encourage our customers to care for their shirts in the best possible way to increase the life length of their shirts.

Do you use any organic cotton?

No, because organic cotton available today is mainly of short staple quality, which doesn’t reach the quality standard of an Eton shirt. We are testing sustainable alternatives to cotton, such as Lyocell on an ongoing basis and we hope that we are able to integrate this into part of our production in the near future.

Do you work with any Eco-labelling?

All our weavers and finishing partners are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – an independent testing and certification system for textile materials. Our finishing partners in Switzerland and Germany are certified by STeP (former OEKO-TEX® Standard 1000). Read more.

How to care for your Eton shirt

By caring for your shirt in the right way, you not only increase its life length, but also decrease its negative impact on the environment.

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