About our shirts

Did you know that each Eton shirt is made from 45 different parts and sewn with 12 000 stitches? Discover the key details that characterize our different collections.


From timeless cut away to sporty button down and sharp tab collar. Our range of shirt collars is designed to suit any style and face shape.


Discover our cuff guide and find out what cuff fits you best.

The Collections

With our different styles we have a shirt for every occasion - from timeless business to formal evening wear and weekend staples.

The Fabrics

Business shirts

Our signature fabrics define everything you would expect from an Eton shirt. Developed for care-free, all-day performance, these fabrics are perfect for your business wardrobe.

Casual shirts

Washed fabrics with a soft, yet smart appearance. Choose from versatile fabrics such as denim, oxford and flannel as well as seasonal styles to match any outfit.

Evening shirts

Exclusive fabrics for the great celebrations in your life. This collection includes classic evening fabrics such as pique, plissé, satin and dobby weaves.

Fit is everything

To create the perfect fit for any body type we have designed four different body fits – from trim super slim to our generous classic fit. Click here to compare the different fits and sizes.

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How to care for your Eton shirt

By caring for your shirt in the right way, you not only increase its life length, but also decrease its negative impact on the environment.

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The art of weaving

One of the most significant characteristics that make our shirts to what they are today is their impeccable and high-performing fabric.

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