Collection fabrics

Signature Twill

Our Signature Twill has subtle texture and a vibrant lustre. This high performance, non-iron fabric is ideal for your everyday working closet.

Twill along with plain weave and satin are the basic weaving techniques. The characteristic diagonal structure of the fabric is created when crossing the weft thread over one or more warp threads and then under two or more warp threads. This allows the yarns to move more freely and resulting in a durable fabric that drapes beautifully and is easy to iron. Signature Twill is woven with carefully selected yarns, creating a soft and supple fabric. Our unique finishing process enhances the twill’s natural performance and makes it keep its shape throughout the day. When combining white yarns with coloured thread the weave gains a deep and rich glow. These qualities make our Signature Twill one of our most versatile and loved shirt fabrics.

Our most popular fabric. Crease resistant and easy to iron.

Perfect for business and evening shirts.

Fine Twill

Made from extra fine yarns with our unique finishing, The Fine Twill has the twill weave’s natural performance with an exclusive lustre to create the perfect business shirt fabric.

As the name suggest, our Fine Twill Fabric uses finer yarns than our other twill fabrics. The result is a fabric with a very subtle texture and exclusive lustre. The fine yarns also enable a tighter weave, which makes it ideal for finer patterns such as hairline stripes and micro-checks. Compared to our other twill fabrics, The Fine Twill is somewhat lighter, which makes it suitable for all seasons of the year. Its fine texture also makes it easy to match with any suit – from heavy tweed and flannel to super light wool and silk suits. Choose from a range of elegant textures, patterns and woven effects.

Twill weave with extra fine yarns.

Ideal for fine patterns.

Textured Twill

The Textured Twill is the perfect alternative to your solid shirt fabric, characterized by a prominent and elegant texture with a unique visual effect.

Compared to our other twill fabrics, The Textured Twill fabric is woven with increased yarn counts in both directions of the weave. This results in a fabric with a distinctive texture and a luxurious touch. The effect becomes extra significant when using both white and coloured yarns, creating a very sophisticated and soft colour palette. Despite that it’s somewhat heavier than our other twill weaves, it still has the flawless draping and impeccable comfort that characterizes all twill fabrics. We recommend wearing this fabric with a suit or a sport coat with clear texture to create a balanced appearance.

Twill weave with prominent texture.

Perfect for business and evening shirts.


The Poplin weave is beloved by shirt makers all around the globe for its crisp appearance and sharp patterns. We’ve refined this iconic fabric with our unique finishing process.

The Poplin Fabric is a plain weave fabric. This means that yarns of the same size are tightly woven crosswise, creating a dense, yet light to medium weight fabric. The result of this weaving technique is a fabric with a crisp appearance and minimal texture, especially favourable for finer patterns and prints, where a denser weave means a denser pattern. Our unique finishing process makes the fabric much more crease resistant and easy to care for than other poplin fabrics. To further improve the fabrics lustre and colour density, the yarns are coloured separately after they are spun.

Classic shirt fabric with crisp appearance.

Plain weave with subtle texture.


The Satin Fabric lights up any outfit with its astonishing glow and vibrant colour. Its luxurious touch makes it suitable for both the boardroom and a night on the town.

Along with the plain weave and twill, satin is one of the three basic weave options. Characteristic to this weave is the minimal number of binding points, wherein the yarn from one weaving orientation is extra prominent. This creates a smooth fabric with medium texture and unbeatable lustre and colour. By using extra thin yarns, we have succeeded to create a fabric with the typical shine of the satin and an airy, comfortable feeling against the body. Combined with our unique finishing process, it’s also very easy to iron and care for. Altogether, it makes a fabric that adds the perfect luxurious touch to any outfit.

Outstanding lustre and strong colours.

Luxurious handle.

Cotton & Linen

In our Cotton & Linen fabric we combine the best of two worlds - the airy feel of linen and the soft touch of cotton. Together with our unique finish they create an easy-to-care and high-performance fabric, which is perfect for modern business wear during warmer temperatures.

While the cotton fibers provide the fabric with a soft feel, the linen brings in the airy feel and adds a subtle mélange effect to the shirt. Linen is recognized as the world’s strongest natural fibre that naturally transports air and moisture from the body. These two wonderful materials and our unique finishing process create easy-to-care shirts that stay crisp throughout the day. Available in solid colours, fine checks and stripes, our cotton and linen shirts are the ideal business wear and a must-have for summer.

Perfect for modern business wear.

Easy-to-care and high-performance fabric.

Natural Stretch

Our latest fabric innovation elevates business shirting. The natural stretch fabric provides the wearer with a soft feel and impeccable comfort.

The innovative fabric is woven from 100% extra-long staple cotton. By weaving the fabric with extended width compared to our other fabrics and then reducing and fixing the fabric using hot steam the fabric’s elasticity is improved without adding any synthetic fibres. Combined with our unique, 40-step finishing processes the fabric has a comfortable stretch effect that doesn’t compromise with our characteristic crease-resistant and easy to care performance. Perfect for the traveling businessman who needs to stay sharp at his business trips.

High comfort and stretchy feel.

Crease-resistant and easy to care


Super soft, with a lustre that few other fabrics can muster — and all the best characteristics of cotton too. And that’s not even the thing we love the most about cotton-tencelTM: Eton’s high-end cotton-tencelTM blend is a more sustainable high-end choice, with a reduced environmental impact.

Made from natural cellulose fibres Tencel™ that offer all the breathability and comfort of cotton, and the impossible softness of silk. The Tencel™ also means this fabric offers draping qualities out of the ordinary. The weft, or 40%, is made from Tencel™ made from natural cellulose, sourced to 99% from sustainable forestry operations, prepared in a nearly circular process. The warp, the remaining 60%, is made from the finest long staple cotton, a fibre that ensures supreme quality and long-lasting shirts.