Brighten the darkest of seasons! From the relaxed get-together with friends to the big Christmas revelries: ‘tis the season for celebrating with your near and dear. Share a meal, share a laugh, make the night a little brighter. Eton helps you shine, at every occasion.


Informal, fun, with friends. Dress to feel relaxed, but spot-on. Dressed up denim or a casual pocket square added to your favourite blazer show the way.


Family matters — dress to show them that they do. Stylish, but personal.


The big to-do: full of laughter, dancing and finger food. If it’s an office affair, your colleagues and managers will mark the occasion too. Dress like your best self.


End the year in style, even glamour. This is your moment to shine: seize it.

What to wear to a party

December is the festive month. Whether you celebrate Christmas or something else entirely, getting together with friends, family and co-workers is a way of living in the darkest time of the year. At Eton, we have made it our mission to help you look your best, at every occasion. So regardless of which style or occasion you’re planning for, you know that with an Eton shirt, you will be well dressed. So if you are looking for the answer to the question of what to wear at a Christmas party or an informal get-together, or if your question is more along the lines of what to wear to a Christmas dinner or if you’re wondering what to wear if management shows up at the yearly company Christmas party you’ll find the answer here. New Year’s Eve: we love nothing better than the sartorial exuberance of the big end of year celebration. With shirts like these, you will shine. Add a pocket square, a silk scarf or stud links, and you will really take it all the way. Dress for the occasion.