Evening Fabrics


Shirts with a pleated chest are a classic choice for dress suits and tuxedos. The special weave technique employed in our Plissé results in a fabric with an elegant visual effect.

The word Plissé comes from the French “plisser”, which translates directly as “fold.” Following this quite literally, the technique for creating our Plissé requires weaving the fabric with recurring folds for extra stability and a finish that won’t need ironing. For tuxedo and dress shirts, our Plissé ensures that the wearer’s chest is consistently sharp.

Fabric with requiring folds that is only used for the chest of the shirt.

Elegant texture and clear lustre. Perfect for black tie shirts.


Satin, with its amazing lustre, is the perfect fabric for any party. This version is refined with our signature finishing process.

No other garment lights up an evening outfit like a well-matched shirt. Our satin’s soft and silky texture provides a fabric with unforgettable lustre that sure leaves an impression. The secret is our special satin weave, which employs a minimal number of binding points to make one yarn direction especially prominent. When combined with our unique finishing process, the resulting shirt offers exceptional form before, during and after a party. Our most signature evening Satin Fabric is woven with vertical stripes, which adds elegant pattern to your black tie outfit.

Elegant texture and vibrant lustre. Luxurious to touch

Perfect for black tie shirts. Key style features vertical stripes


With a strong form and elegant structure, our Pique Fabric has become a timeless addition to any dress wardrobe.

The Pique Fabric is woven on a so-called “dobby chair,” which ¬¬– by lifting and lowering chosen threads during the weaving process – creates a unique three-dimensional pattern. A special pattern card gives the fabric its desired structure, with the most common selections being stripes and honeycomb patterns. Shirts that employ our pique are renowned for their striking appearance and ability to remain consistently smooth through full nights of wear. Our white tie shirt is crafted with single-folded cuffs of Pique Fabric, which is the most traditional choice for white tie shirts.

Elegant texture and medium lustre. Luxurious to touch.

Perfect for black and white tie shirts. Our white tie shirt is crafted with pique cuffs


The Dobby Fabric’s geometric pattern adds a luxurious touch for special occasions.

Similar to pique, our Dobby Fabric is woven on a plain weave. By raising and lowering a fabric’s warp threads with great care, however, well-trained weavers are able to create geometric patterns that are thinner and lighter than those seen in pique fabrics. For more complicated patterns, a so-called jacquard loom is used.

The Dobby weaving technique enables more complex weaving patterns.

Luxurious to touch. Perfect for black tie shirts.