Casual Fabrics


The Denim has in recent years experienced a stylish makeover and stepped into a more well dressed territory of menswear, today being one of our most popular fabrics.

The Denim Fabric has many faces. Unbuttoned with our Button Down Collar, it’s the perfect casual shirt. Combined with our dressy Cut Away Collar and a smart tie, this fabric works well under an unconstructed suit for a modern business look. To suit any style and occasion, our range of denim shirts includes different shades and washes, as well as other weaving textures. Our signature denim shirt is woven in a classic diagonal pattern and dyed with indigo, which is typical for The Denim Fabric. The indigo-dyeing will fade after wearing and create a personal patina. Be aware to wash your denim shirts separately to minimize the risk of the indigo bleeding into other garments.

Versatile fabric for both well dressed as casual outfits that is available in a wide range of shades and washes.

The fabric gains a personal patina after wearing.


Whether it’s casual or dressed up, you can never go wrong with an Oxford shirt. Our version of the fabric is true to its original sporty appearance.

The Oxford Fabric is a plain weave that uses double yarns in both weaving directions, which creates a basket weave texture. This effect is further enriched by the combination of white and coloured yarns, which also gives the fabric a soft colour shade. The Oxford Fabric in our Green Collection is true to the fabric’s sporty origin, especially favoured in the American sportswear culture. For this fabric we use a fine two-ply warp and a fine yarn in the weft, while traditional Oxfords use single-ply warp and coarser yarn in the weft. This unique texture combined with an elegant draping and unquestionable durability makes an everlasting fabric, easy to match with any outfit any time of the year.

Durable fabric with sporty appearance.

Classic fabric with button down collar.

Lightweight Flannel

Our Lightweight Flannel has a super soft touch with a feather light feel. Made from an airier weave and thinner yarns, this fabric redefines the world of flannel.

The flannel fabric’s soft and somewhat coarse texture is created by a special napping and brushing process that lifts the fibres. Its texture is often associated with cold weather fabrics. However, the airy weave and use of thinner yarns of this fabric makes it perfect for wearing all year round. Our Lightweight Flannel fabrics are often woven in a diagonal or herringbone twill weave, adding some extra texture to your outfit. Choose from timeless checks, stripes and solids, for a classic look. Or wear it with innovative prints that goes perfect with a pair of jeans for a casual outfit.

Softly brushed flannel fabric.

Lightweight and super soft to touch.

Lightweight Poplin

Woven with extra thin cotton fibres, our Lightweight Poplin Fabric combines the sharp patterns and clear colours of the poplin weave with a silky and airy feel.

The secret of looking sharp in warmer climates is to choose a fabric that breathes and drapes well. Our Lightweight Poplin is a loosely woven fabric made from carefully selected cotton fibres that are extra long and thin. The result is a fabric with a lightweight touch that lets the air circulate. Compared to other poplin fabrics, it has a more prominent texture and wrinkled appearance that make it ideal for casual wear, especially during the summer season.

Airy woven for breathable and lightweight touch.

Plain weave with refined texture.


The Linen Fabric has a cool and crisp feel with a unique texture, ideal for any vacation wardrobe with its airy feel.

Extracted from the flax plant, linen is one of the oldest fibres used in textile weaving. It’s recognised as the world’s strongest natural fibre that naturally transports air and moisture from the body. This absorbing and breathable performance makes it ideal for hot climates. Compared to cotton, the linen fibre is thicker with a more prominent and crisp texture. Our version is softly washed to be comfortable when first wearing it. However, after a while it will gain a personal patina. Embrace its wrinkled appearance and wear it under an unconstructed lightweight suit, or over a pair of swim trunks.

Cool fabric, ideal for hot weather.

Softly washed for a more comfortable wearing.


Our cotton and linen blends perfectly mixes the softness of cotton with the coolness of linen, creating a versatile fabric that’s perfect for warmer climates.

Our cotton and linen blend fabrics uses a majority of cotton fibre (often 85% cotton and 15% linen), which is the just amount right to the give fabric the unique texture and cooling performance of linen, while keeping the softness and dressier look of cotton. If you’re not appreciating the somewhat wrinkled appearance of pure linen fabrics, yet still wants its airy feel, this might be a very good option. For this blend we use different weaving techniques including poplin, twill and Oxford to add their unique texture. Combined with our soft Extreme Cut Away or Button Down Collar in white or sky blue, this fabric is perfect to wear under a softly tailored suit to stay cool at the office.

Blend of cotton and linen that is ideal for warm climates.

Lightweight and airy fabric with medium texture.


Wearing our Muslin, a feather-light cotton fabric, is a conscious choice to stay cool through summer's hottest days.

The design of our Muslin Fabric is similar to plain weave, but uses a hint of stronger polyester yarns for a slightly wrinkled surface with great character and an airy feel. Is usually made for summer shirting, the structure is very loose to guarantee an optimal breathability. We recommend ironing it on a very low temperature to reduce the risk of the polyester yarn melting.

Plain weave that’s woven loosely.

Lightweight and airy feel


Seersucker is new to the Eton family of fabrics. Its unique puckered texture creates the perfect fabric for warmer months, in which these shirts keep you cool and provide you with an airy and soft feel.

The fabric it is made from cotton while the weaving technique, the so-called slack-tension weave, causes the fabric to bunch together at some places, which gives the fabric a wrinkled appearance. Thanks to this weave the fabric is partly held away from the skin, allowing the air to circulate and therefore creating the perfect shirt for warm temperatures. Try to match the shirt with either a pair of chinos or swimming trunks and the perfect summer outfit is complete. It is a simple way to stay cool and classy.

Perfect for warmer temperatures.

It keeps you cool with an airy and soft feel.


Our new, reinvented piqué fabric is an experience in itself: soft, refined and as fluid as running water.

This classic sportswear fabric, a staple of the polo and tennis court, actually has a history that reaches as far as the 18th century. It came into its own as an iconic staple of menswear in the 1920s with the polo shirt. This time, we have reimagined and developed the classic weave with a smooth, finer weft and a soft, knitted texture. The result is a highly supple fabric with a sophisticated, subtle waffle texture. A breathable, fresh and classic casual shirt experience.