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How to Tie your Scarf

Wearing a scarf is its own art form. Whether you’re wearing it as a sartorial statement or just for warmth when the temperature drops, it’s a smart way to alternate your autumn look. Our scarves are made in Italy and Scotland from the finest wool fibre, making them a perfect fit for any weather, occasion and style. Discover our tips and tricks below to find out how you can nail that sophisticated, yet effortless, autumn look.

The Drape

One of the most classic ways of wearing the scarf that gives your look an elegant flair. The Drape is ideal for any occasion when you want to stay warm while also looking sharp and showing your shirt and tie. Simply hang the scarf around your neck and keep it in place by tucking it under your overcoat.

Recommended for: All season merino, cold weatherprinted wool, printed silk.

The Four-in-Hand

This is a versatile fold that lets you soften your outfit with a nonchalant yet sophisticated look. Simply fold the scarf in half around your neck with the two ends and the loop on opposite sides. You then pull the ends through the loop, twist it and finally pull the other end through the same loop to adjust the knot. Voilá, that is your perfect Four-in-Hand knot.

Recommended for: All season merinowool & modal

The Overhand Knot

A stylish addition to your autumn outfit that goes great with tailored outerwear. Hang the scarf around your neck with one side longer than the other. Fold the long part over the short to create a loop, then pull the long side under it and again over the short. Now you are ready to take on this chilly season.

Recommended for: Cold weather, cashmere & wool.

The Parisian

Here’s a familiar knot made famous by the effortlessly fashionable men of Paris. Fold the scarf in half and hang it around your neck. Pull the loose ends through the loop and tighten the knot to your liking. For a more relaxed look, you can fold the scarf asymmetrically with one end longer than the other.

Recommended for: All season merino, cold weather, cashmere & woolwool & modal

The Once Around

Probably the simplest knot of them all, but surprisingly difficult to master. Casually toss one end of the scarf around your shoulder while letting the other side hang freely. Remember, the challenge is to wear it with attitude and to really make this look your own.

Recommended for: cold weather, cashmere & wool.

The Single Knot

The autumn season demands smart layering, which means this is your perfect style trick. Go for a simple single knot to get an elegant drape on top of your tie when the temperature drops. If it rises again, just take it off and place it in your bag or suit jacket.

Recommended for: cashmere & wool, printed wool, printed silk.

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