A quintessential classic

Lightweight, airy and breathable, simply
perfect for stylish summer looks.

About the fabric

Our airy linen fabric is perfect for warmer temperatures. Its cooling performance, crisp look and unique texture makes it ideal for the vacation wardrobe.

Extracted from the flax plant, linen is one of the oldest fibres used in textile weaving. It is recognized as the world's strongest natural fibre that naturally transports air and moisture from the body. This absorbing and breathable performance makes it ideal for hot climates. Compared to cotton, the linen fibre is thicker with a more prominent and crisp texture. Our version is softly washed to be comfortable when you first wear our linen shirts. However, after every wear and wash it will become softer and gain a personal pattina. Embrace its wrinkled appearance and wear it with almost everything, under an unconstructed lightweight suit for elegant dinners, or with a pair of swim trunks for beachside strolls. Go for a smart office look and pair it up with some chinos and loafers while a stylish men's watch will finish the look.


Lightweight, cool and an absolute
must-have for your summer wardrobe!


On the warmest of days — and nights — cool, breathable linen is a given for the well-dressed man. So look sharp in the spring and summer months and on vacation in one of our most classic fabrics, linen and cotton-linen blend shirts.

Your micro guide to linen
Airy and lightweight, linen is a natural fibre, made from the stalks of the flax or linseed plant. In the summertime, it covers the fields in stunningly blue flowers — a first hint of the aesthetic properties that has helped make it a staple of classic menswear. As a natural fibre, it offers you a breathability no synthetic fibres can top, which means you will stay comfortable in the sun. In fact, linen breathes better than almost any other natural fibre, and it has great moisture absorbing qualities too, something that explains its strong impact on the classic summer wardrobe — and why you feel cool in your linen shirt, even in July or August.

A menswear classic
Linen has a long history, reaching all the way back to ancient Egypt. Style-wise, it is one of the hallmarks of a carelessly elegant Mediterranean style. A French or Italian look, whether in a suit or shirt worn with a contrasting material, perhaps completed by a classic man’s straw hat and a bandana tied around the neck. The distinct texture and unyielding cut of linen makes it a perfect look for indulging in a café crème or a cup of cappuccino in the shade in some sun lit walled-in city, built from honey-coloured stone. The linen shirt has an aesthetic appeal and an air of elegant relaxation that means you can easily adapt your suits to fit spring and summer, especially suits in lighter colour — or to dress up (not kidding) a pair of bathing shorts for a beach-side dinner. Our long-sleeve, Signature Finish shirts easily double as either, making it easy for you to make a clear style statement at the office and on holiday.

Linen – but crease resistant
Our high-quality cotton-linen blend has the beautiful texture of premium linen, along with its breathability and functionality, but the softness and crease-resistant qualities of Eton cotton shirts. Without the wrinkled texture pure linen is so infamous for. So the texture allows you a sartorial flair, reminiscent of those Riviera looks, and the cotton makes sure you look perfect and crisp all day.