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Style Profile: Max Poglia

Born in Brazil, raised in Italy and now living in New York, Max Poglia has created a completely unique style of rugged elegance. With his eponymous brand and personal look, Poglia proves that craftsmanship and great style go hand in hand.

Photo: Karl-Edwin Guerre

What inspired you to start your Poglia?

I always valued the combination of ethics and aesthetics. I'd say that's the philosophy that guides my brand. I've always admired 'functional beauty,' like nature, for example -- it's always been a major source of inspiration for me. It all began as curiosity about how I could introduce ancient materials into the modern world....But the real adventure began when I moved from Milan to New York City and started to explore age-old craftsmanship and ancient materials, and was motivated to craft a sort of picnic-themed traveler’s pack (handcrafted knives + leather bags + wool blankets), to incorporate in my NY lifestyle when I lived by Central Park.... Poglia was born.

Your range of products is very much based around craftsmanship and natural materials. When looking at your personal style, how does your work reflect the way you dress?

My work and style are definitely connected...for example, the knives are made of reclaimed steel and natural materials such as wood, horn and bone, so they can be raw and rustic or chic and elegant, depending on the context and point of view. Same thing with my leather bags. Both products are made to age and improve over time. This aspect reflects on my personal style and is obvious, for example, in my love for vintage and reclaimed clothes, Japanese fabrics, raw denim, workwear jackets tailored pants and well constructed shoes.

How has your Italian and Brazilian roots influenced the way you dress?

I think both cultures influenced the way I dress. Since I was born in South Brazil, I'm a "gaucho", which inspires me to wear hats and boots in an urban lifestyle. The Italian side inspires me to mix all that rusticity with tailored clothes to make a more elegant look. My background influenced me to mix all these aspects of classic style, but with a modern twist.