The fancy restaurant

Putting on a suit is a gesture that means a lot — just like a bouquet of flowers. You can’t go wrong with a dark three piece and a silk tie. Add modern inspiration to this classic favourite: instead of picking a tie that adds accent colour, go for a shirt in an interesting accent shade. Colour and pattern match your accessories — just mix it up to add interest.

A romantic night out or in

Whether you’re planning a meal at your favourite restaurant or a candlelit dinner at home, a monochrome look gives you a dressed-up style with or without a tie. A dark shirt is always at its absolute best after 6 PM. Remember: No tie? Leave two buttons unbuttoned at all times.

Wait, what? It’s Valentines?

If you’re too busy to make a big deal out of the 14th this year, remember: small things make a big difference. Like ordering takeout, picking a playlist and saying those three little words. And looking your best for your significant other. A denim shirt is a relaxed option that looks great without a jacket. To dress it up, match with a tie — but never silk. Denim demands texture.

A man’s best friend

But what if you’re not sure yet what you’re going to do? Maybe it’s your partner’s year to handle Valentine’s. Maybe you’re the spontaneous type of guy. Do. Not. Worry. A classic white shirt can handle any situation. It literally makes any look shine. A white button-down shirt and jeans? Yes. White Signature Twill and a suit. Yes. Linen? Two words: Bathing shorts. Yes, yes. (On a beach, of course)

Dressed to the nines

There is nothing as smart-looking, as classic, as downright cool as a tux. As dressed up as a man can get, (except for the very rare occasion when tail coats are in order), this look makes a statement: this is one special evening. So make the reservation, buy the red roses and put on the tux.


What to wear on your Valentine’s day date — the best menswear style tips. Premium men’s shirts and menswear accessories in the finest materials and design, selected to fit your celebration of choice: dressed up, confidently relaxed or luxe casual — in a classic shirt, a casual shirt or an evening shirt. Perfect for any heart-related event, from the fancy Valentine’s dinner at a good restaurant to a casual Valentine’s dinner at home — and even how to dress to make the flowers and chocolate from the all-night garage look their very, very best. (A tip for the forgetful— everything looks its best, if you look your best). Valentine’s is your day: a day to celebrate love, partnership, your girlfriend, your wife, husband, yourself — or to go on a date with someone new. Selected by Eton’s own Head of Styling, to make sure you look your best. And if you, on the other hand are looking for a gift to your husband, boyfriend or date on Valentines, look no further: the shirts and accessories make perfect gifts—as well as an excellent outfit for the night. Styles include a romantic print stripe shirt, worn with a pink silk pocket square and a polka dot tie, a handsome black polka dot shirt, and a refined denim shirt, what we refer to as Indigo, dressed up with one of our luxe knitted ties.