Cut Away

The Cut Away Collar is one of the essentials of modern shirt design. The balanced shape makes for a versatile collar that match any face shape and can be worn either with or without a tie.

The Cut Away Collar  was originally created to match the wide Windsor tie knot made popular by the likes of Prince George and Edward VIII. It’s characterised by its spread between the collar points and the medium height. Our version of The Cut Away Collar works for both wide and slim tie knots and goes well with the classic business uniform. You can also wear it unbuttoned under your sport jacket or knit sweater for a more relaxed, yet sophisticated look. The woven interlining gives the collar a slightly curved shape that elegantly frames the wearer’s face. To see all our shirts with Cut Away Collar follow this link.

Timeless and versatile collar design with medium spread between collar tips.

Ideal to wear both with and without a tie. Also referred to as the spread collar.

Extreme Cut Away

The Extreme Cut Away Collar is our bolder alternative to The Cut Away Collar. The wide spread suits with a range of ties, making it popular for any occasion and face shape.

As the name suggests, The Extreme Cut Away Collar is our widest collar. The spread is nearly horizontal – the collar points clearly pointing towards the wearer’s shoulders. Being somewhat higher than the regular cut away, it embraces a more confident look. It’s often recommended to wear this collar together with a wide tie knot. We, however think it looks just as good with a slim tie knot. But make sure to match it with a medium or wide spread lapel suit for a well-balanced appearance. In our Eton Green Collection, this collar is available with removable collar stays, allowing the wearer to choose between a casual or dressed up look. To see all our shirts with the Extreme Cut Away Collar follow this link.

A wide spread collar with medium height that goes well with wider ties.

Available with removable collar stays in the Eton Green. Also referred to as the wide spread collar.

Button Down

From American preppy to Italian sprezzatura, from casual to well-dressed; the iconic Button Down Collar gets you ready for any style in a second.

The Button Down Collar was first invented to keep the collar points in place during horse polo games. It soon became a popular uniform on American universities, with its sporty origins often made from Oxford fabrics. Today, The Button Down Shirt is a fundamental piece in every mans wardrobe. Our version is designed with medium height to match any outfit, from a pair of swim trunks to fine suiting. Wear it buttoned with a slim club tie for the classic American preppy style, or unbutton the collar points and match with a knitted wool tie under a tailored suit for the perfect Italian look. The soft interlining states a relaxed elegance, making it one of the most versatile collars.

Iconic American collar design with collar points buttoned to the shirtfront.

Perfect for both casual as well-dressed outfit. Strongly associated with sporty Oxford fabrics

Moderate Cut Away

Our most traditional shirt collar is relatively high with less space between the collar corners. Highly appreciated for its versatile design, it’s preferably worn with thin or normal width ties for a timeless look.

The Moderate Cut Away Collar was once considered to be a more formal choice to the wide spread collars. Even if the rules have changed, this narrow collar design is still an essential part of the modern shirt wardrobe. The moderate height and medium spread between the collar points makes it suitable for many different face shapes. The collar works well unbuttoned and we recommend a medium or narrow tie knot when buttoning to achieve a sophisticated, classic look.

Traditional collar design with medium spread and medium height.

Only available in Classic Fit.


The Pointed Collar was created to suit modern tailoring with slim lapels and skinny ties. The close collar tips frame your tie and draws attention toward the face.

This collar was originally introduced to match our Super Slim Fit. Compared to other pointed collars, our version is relatively low in height for a more contemporary look. Its narrow spread and sharp look creates a balanced appearance that has a slimming visual effect on the wearer’s face. We suggest you pair The Pointed Collar with a tight tie knot and trim suit with narrow or medium wide lapels. A crisp white twill fabric and a charcoal grey suit, matched with a solid black tie, create this perfect modern business look.

Relative low collar with narrow spread that is ideal to wear with modern suiting and trim ties.

Also referred to as turndown collar. Available in our Super Slim Fit.


The Tab Collar represents old school elegance. Originally created to put emphasis on the wearer’s tie – this classic collar design has in recent years enjoyed a stylish revival.

For a long time, it seemed like The Tab Collar was forgotten in favour for cut away and turndown collars. However, after frequently appearing in the Bond movie Skyfall (released 2012), The Tab Collar made a grand comeback into men’s fashion. This iconic collar design has a two tabs attached in the middle of the collar points, pushing the knot up and out for an elegant tie draping. Its narrow spread gives the wearer a sharp and elegant look.

Iconic collar design with sharp and elegant appearance.

The collar points are fastened with two tabs.

Pointed Pin

The Pointed Pin is a sharper version of the classic Pin Collar that adds defining lines to your look with its pointed tips. The pin connecting the collar point lifts the tie and make it stand out both figuratively and literally.

The Pointed Pin Collar shares many similarities with our Tab Collar. The narrow spread and medium height creates a refined collar shape, ideally worn with a slim tie under a smartly tailored suit. The metal pin, that tightens the collar through the subtle eyelets, adds extra flair to the collar as it lifts the tie for an elegant drape. The small space between the collar points accents the vertical line of the collar, creating a slimming effect that make the wearer’s face appear longer, making it favourable for persons with rounder face shapes.

Narrow spread and medium height. Ideal to wear with a slim tie and smart tailoring

Metal pin fastens the collar points.

High Cut Away

The High Cut Away Collar lends proportion to a long neck, ideally worn in combination with sharp tailoring for a bold, yet elegant look.

When comparing shirt collars, many tend to forget the importance of the collar’s height, how it flatters your neck and frames your face shape. Our High Cut Away Collar is the perfect choice for anyone with a high neck, or for the ones who likes its bold statement. The extra soft interlining gives the collar an elegantly curved shape and goes well both with a tie as untied. To see all our shirts with the High Cut Away Collar follow this link.

Our highest collar with medium spread.

Extra soft interlining for an elegantly curved shape.

Evening Cut Away

This Moderate Cut Away Collar is detailed with edge stitching that adds a further luxurious feel to your evening look, perfect to match with your black tie outfit.

The Moderate Cut Away Collar is a relatively high collar with narrow spread between collar points. For black tie dress code, this collar is perfect together with a bow tie and a tuxedo for a sophisticated look. You can also wear it with a dinner jacket, both with peak lapels or shawl lapels. The edge stitching adds further definition and goes well with any bow tie size. This collar is available in our Evening Collection, in a wide range of exclusive fabrics such as satin, plissé, pique or dobby, all to suit your own personal evening wear.

The perfect black tie shirt collar.

Edge stitching for a luxurious appearance.


The wings connect by the neck and describe a more triangular rather than square shape, ideal to wear with a bow tie on elegant events.

When you receive an invitation with a white tie or tuxedo dress code, The Wing Collar is the perfect choice for these memorable moments. The collar is starched with the points standing up, emphasising the bow tie while adding that old school elegance to your outfit. For white tie events, we highly recommend the wing collared shirt with single folded cuffs.

Our most formal collar, designed to wear with a bow tie.

Suitable for white and black tie events.


With the roots from the Club collar and the sartorial era of the nineteenth century, the rounded collar is a true historical piece of fashion.

Our rounded collar suits well with a classic kind of styling and suits a dapper look perfectly. The classic point collar got a refreshed look when the hard edges was rounded off and the collar spread was shortened. This created a completely new look and the collar was seen as something that only a certain kind of group could use – and the Club collar was born. Our take of the collar suits perfect for a slimmer look when combined with a dark suit in a classic style.

Rounded Pin

Our rounded collar with the pin gives a cool and dapper look. Wear the shirt with a tie with a tight knot that will give your look a slim silhouette.

The rounded collar with pin has its heritage in the club collar with the hard edges cut off and a narrower collar spread. The pin through the collar gives an extra detail that takes the mind back to the sharply dressed dandies. Wear our rounded pin collar with your finest dark suit with a classic cut for a genuine and stylish look that works just as well now, as for a hundred and fifty years ago. Remember to wear a tie with a slightly slimmer width and a tight knot to create the perfect, dandy outfit.


Our new Button Under Collar hits the perfect spot between casual and formal. With him, you will always feel and look perfectly styled.

The Button-Under stands for it's simplicity and is worn without a tie. The buttons are located under the collar wings with hidden button loops under the collar. Like this, your collar always stays in place and guarantees you a perfect look throughout the day. The Button-Under collar combines the best of two worlds: security and simplicity.