Cuff Styles

Style lies in the details, where shirt cuffs play a significant role defining your personal look and the formality of the shirt. Some of our cuffs are known by many names, so discover our guide and find out what cuff fits your style best.

Single Cuff

The single cuff is with its mitred angle at the button closure an understated classic. It adds a somewhat edgy touch to your look, providing the shirt with a more formal appearance. Our single cuffs are convertible with buttonholes on both sides so that you can actually wear them with cufflinks if you want to. Suiting almost every occasion, except black and white tie attire, you can never go wrong with this cuff style.

French Cuff

French cuffs are the most formal cuff option and can, if correctly worn, portray class and power – so perfect for to make an impression at the office. Traditionally, this style has always been worn with a suit, although it can be worn without these days. Try wearing it with a fine knit cardigan for a sophisticated, yet not too dressy appearance.

Double Buttoned Cuff

This cuff type has the same mitred angle as our standard single cuff, however they are slightly longer than our regular single cuffs. The two buttons add more formality to our look and bring your style to a higher sartorial level.

Lower Single Cuff

As the name already suggests, this design offers a shorter cuff length. It provides the wearer with a more comfortable feeling, but also adds a longer appearance to your arm, which automatically makes the wearer seem to be taller.

Rounded Single Cuff

A classy and timeless look. This single button cuff adds with its rounded edges a soft touch to your look and can be worn with anything from unlined suiting to knitwear.

Rounded French Cuff

This style is considered a popular option to the classic straight cut French cuff and is worn with cufflinks as well. However, the rounded French is commonly chosen together with classic business looks, rather than with evening wear.

Turn Up Short Sleeve

Bring on the summer vibes. Since the sleeves are rolled up, our turn up short sleeve adds an even more relaxed feeling to your look and gives it a slight old school tweak.

Folded Short Sleeve

The perfect style for laidback summer days. Match our short sleeve shirts with a pair chinos, swimming trunks or any other casual style for an essential everyday look.