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The most wonderful time of the year - a season of love, joy and peace. For some people however, this time involves stressful last-minute shopping to be able to fulfil everyone’s wish list, a very unromantic business if you ask us. We think gifts should come from heart and are there to bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Our gift shop guides you to easily find the right gift for your nearest and dearest.


This full-time connoisseur travels around the world to find the most interesting art, the best culinary experience and the most delicate red wines. His nonchalant elegant look and never-ending stories from his many travels always put him in the centre of the party. The Explorer’s cultivated taste and a balanced level of eccentricity make him a tricky gift recipient. We recommend our latest Safari Print Shirt and accessories or our luxurious wool scarves that can be elegantly wrapped around his tweed jackets.

Even though we hate to admit it, there are guys that just don’t care about style and clothing. Constantly puzzling the weekdays with driving his kids between different sports activities and dedicating his weekends to hiking in the forest, kite surfing at the ocean or skiing in the mountains, he simply has no time left to think about his clothing. But even if he sees shopping as a necessary pain, he still wants to look smart at the office. Crease-resistant fabrics and sophisticated details make our shirts the ideal gift for the guy that rather spends his spare time training for the next mountain marathon than ironing his shirts.

What do you give to the man who never settles for less than perfection? Simple, Eton shirts and accessories. The best way to match his razor-sharp tailoring and perfect shade of eggshell business card is with our classic business shirts that always do the job. Try our crisp white French cuff or sleek Pin-Collar shirt and complete the look with our luxurious woven silk ties for a statement look that never goes out of style.

Dressing well doesn’t always mean full suit and tie. Every morning, this guy spends one hour in front of the mirror in order to look like he just doesn’t care. For everyone that’s not into Japanese selvage denim and limited-edition trainers, you will see him as the regular jeans and sneaker guy. But if you know, you know. For gift-giving, keep it simple and go for our soft shirts in premium fabrics such as lightweight flannel and cotton & indigo blends.

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