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How to wear your scarf

Sartorial signature or cold weather staple? Discover our tips on how to wear your scarf and nail the perfect autumn look.

How to match your suit

Pinstripes, charcoal or brown? Discover our tips on how to pair your favourite tailoring.

Autumn/Winter 2016

Every place has a style of its own with unspoken and outspoken dress codes. Learn them or just look at them, break them or rule them; as long as you master the art of dressing well, you speak a language that is universal.

The Autumn Closet

Relaxed but always with a touch of luxury; this is the key to a wardrobe that takes you from a day off to a late night out.


Black and white is never a mismatch; it rather gives you room to play with silhouettes in unexpected ways.

Compact living

Finding a personal wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to add more of everything; sometimes the opposite makes your style even more unique.

Back to work

Discover our tips on how to elevate your business essentials.

Style Profile: Giampaolo Alliata

Celebrated style icon and Sales Manager at Doriani Cashmere, Giampaolo Alliata embodies Italian elegance...

Style Profile: Max Poglia

Born in Brazil, raised in Italy and now living in New York, Max Poglia has created a completely unique style of rugged elegance...

Style Profile: Fabrizio Oriani

CEO and Founder of Gentlemen's Wear Daily, Fabrizio Oriani is never afraid of wearing bold patterns and vibrant colours...

The details

Impeccable craftsmanship fused with a soft and casual handle. Discover the details that make our Oxford Button-Down Shirt unique.

How to wear your button-down shirt

American, Italian or Scandinavian? Dressed up, sporty or minimalistic? The Oxford Button-Down Shirt is one of the most versatile styles there is.

Q&A: Can I wear a tie to my button-down shirt?

It’s not a matter of right or wrong, but rather a question of how you do it.

How to master the office dress code

Eton’s Editors put their stamp on the tried and tested sartorial solutions.

Inspiration: 15 looks for the office

Conservative, modern or playful? Whoever you are and whatever kind of work you do, we’ve put together 15 looks that stand out at the office.

How to create the perfect office wardrobe

From board meetings to creative workshops – a versatile office wardrobe gets you ready for any business situation.