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Decode the dress code


The wedding attire for men can be hard to get right. However, before you rack your brain about it, have a look at our guide on how to dress appropriately and stylish for a wedding. With him - no matter the dress code - you are going to crack it and be the best dressed guest.

White Tie

White Tie is considered the most formal dress code. It traditionally requires a black tailcoat jacket and pleated pants. Opt for a formal white shirt like our classic Piqué White Tie Shirt with wing collar, single folded cuffs and white studs. Waistcoat and bow tie, both in white, are indispensable requirements. Be sure to wear black patent leather shoes or pumps - no slippers. Accessories like white gloves, a pocket watch or a boutonniere are definitely allowed and sometimes a great way to elevate the look. Just remember: keep it simple and classic.

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Black Tie

Sharp, sophisticated, elegant – evening wear at its finest. Borrowed or bought, the most important thing for a perfect Black Tie outfit is to find a dashing tuxedo with the perfect fit. Considering the shirt, wear a crisp white piqué shirt with black studs, evening cut away collar and French cuffs, or why not go for a shirt with classic pleated front. Keep in mind that Black Tie is the code for black bow tie and not an actual tie. To finish the look, choose a sleek pair of black patent leather shoes or pumps.

Fashion advice: Try to pay attention to quality, it will elevate your look.

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Black Tie Optional or Formal

This dress code can be difficult to master and people often find themselves caught between two chairs. It is slightly less formal than Black Tie, meaning that a tuxedo isn’t required, but can still be worn if one likes to. However, you are free to wear any formal suit you own, preferably in dark colors like black, navy or charcoal grey. Choose a sophisticated white dress shirt – no button-down collars –, dark dress shoes and complete the look with a solid dark or subtle patterned tie to keep things classy.

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Semiformal or Dressy Casual

Relaxed, yet elegant and stylish. Basic rule is to wear darker, more formal colors for a winter wedding and to opt for lighter colors in the warmer months of the year. Add some of your own personality with the right coloring or accessories to stand out from the crowd. Be dressy with style: Pair a crisp white shirt with a charmingly patterned tie and a suit while a trim pocket square will perfectionate the look. Opt for a great pair of loafers, Oxfords or brogues to complete the outfit.

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Try to dress smart, without being too dressy or casual. Opt for bright shades like grey or smoky green in summer, and go for darker colors like bordeaux-red in winter. If you go to a beach wedding for example, we recommend to wear a stylish button-down shirt with some chinos and a blazer to create a relaxed and stylish outfit. One of our cotton and modal scarves will highlight the outfit as breezy accessory while Loafers or boat shoes will complete the look.

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