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Light Blue Fine Twill Shirt



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Made from fabric with a clear reflecting shimmer and an elegant glossy touch.

Wrinkle Free

Made to stay sharp all day. Easy care, hang dry and gently steam if needed.
Fine Twill

Fine Twill

A light and luxurious twill with a subtle texture and brilliant luster. Made with single-ply yarn from extra long staple cotton for superior quality.

Twill is an ancient weaving technique, one of the three fundamental types of weaving. Distinct parallel ridges known as wales give it both character and body and increase the premium cotton durability. The technique also makes for beautiful drapeability and is a perfect match for our Signature Finish, meaning it requires little to no ironing and stays sharp for longer. Fine twill is a light twill, woven with less distinct whales for a refined character and brilliant luster. Choose a fine twill shirt if you're looking to match a suit or dress pants with a sophisticated, smooth texture.

• A very light twill
• Perfectly balanced luster, texture
• Wrinkle free, easy care

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Light Blue Fine Twill Shirt€229