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Light Blue Gingham Shirt

Lightweight Twill

Lightweight Twill

As light and airy as it is strong and durable: woven from extra-long-staple cotton from the top 2-3% of the annual harvest.

Woven from extra-long-staple cotton yarns from the top 2-3% of the annual cotton harvest, Lightweight Twill is, as the name indicates, very light, airy, and breathable: a favorite for an elegant, dressier shirt — or warmer days. However, as light as it is also very durable — a characteristic that comes from yarns spun from some of the longers fibers to be had from a cotton plant. Like all twills, it is woven on the diagonal and sports the signature parallel ribs. In this lightweight version, the twill has a clear but refined texture, making this an elegant choice that is easy to match with other refined fabrics and textures.

• Lightweight
• Very elegant
• Wrinkle free, easy care

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