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Make an Eton Gimlet

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When life gives you lemons — make an Eton Gimlet

Late brunches, weekend escapes, and endless bar hopping. The upcoming season holds many temptations. So we’ve squeezed the most out of our sleek summer collection by mixing the best of two worlds – our Scandinavian heritage and a slightly sour Italian twist. Our new lemon-printed attire sure adds all the zest you need – and won't leave you unnoticed.

The inspiration for the Bella Sardegna collection comes from the Italian island of Sardinia.


To step things up a notch we’ve teamed up with the Stockholm-based bartender and YouTuber David Kringlund and asked him to interpret our Bella Sardegna collection into a delicious summer drink – The Eton Gimlet with a twist of lemon. So let’s reveal the skills, and the secret recipe needed, to prepare The Eton Gimlet with perfection.


How to make: The Eton Gimlet

3cl gin
3cl lemon cordial
1 cube of ice


1. Pour equal parts gin and lemon cordial (recipe below) into a large glass and give it a good stir.

2. Bring out a serving glass, preferably a stemmed glass, and put a rough cube of ice in it.

3. Pour the drink into the glass, pinch some peel over it, and put the peel in the glass as garnish. Enjoy responsibly!


The secret recipe for lemon cordial:

300 g sugar
200 g lemon juice
Peel from five lemons


1. Rinse the lemons thoroughly.

2. Peel them and trim into thin strips.

3. Mix the ingredients in a jar, give it a good stir, and let the flavor settle for 24 hours.

4. Shake the jar a few times during the day for the sugar to dissolve.

5. Strain and pour into a clean bottle.


Watch the video of a pro:

The best-dressed bartender, David Kringlund, wears the honorary shirt that represents all the zest needed. It’s a matter of standing out and also fitting in. Let’s call it confidence with a twist.

Just like a perfectly made Eton Gimlet, our high-end shirts are crafted to perfection.

And hey, keep us posted. Share your lemon looks and Eton Gimlets on social media by using the hashtags #etonshirts and #etongimlet.