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Eton Archive

The Band Collar

Refined Minimalism

Introducing the Eton Archive Band Collar, a limited-edition collection that perfectly embodies a fusion of minimalist design and exceptional craftsmanship. With intricate detailing, each shirt is meticulously crafted to enhance your wardrobe with its distinctive low collar and elegant lines,
seamlessly fitting into every smart casual setting.

model in beige band collar shirt and model in lightblue band collar shirt

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model in blue striped band collar shirt and model in green striped band collar shirt

Thoughtful Design

Reimagined from handpicked archival fabrics, each shirt showcases the finesse of soft hues in subtle stripes and practical solids on ultra-soft, flexible Oxford weaves and sophisticated twills. Impeccable drape and all-day sharpness elevate your style effortlessly.

Uncompromised Comfort

Unmatched comfort is felt with every wear of Eton's Band Collar Shirt, thanks to the exquisite fabrics and precision fit tailored for an on-the-go lifestyle.