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Shirts & Cocktails With Guerre

5 min
Simon Nilsson
Simon Nilsson

New York

This spring, we indulge in refreshments and good company — and the season is just getting started. We teamed up with the frankly elegant Guerre of @guerrisms to get his take on how to style our drink-themed capsule collection, have a cocktail or two and above all: explore his (and our) beloved New York.

“New York in the Summer for me has always been about exploration, visiting the different areas of the city, be it Chinatown, Little Italy, or the Caribbean neighborhoods. New discoveries, new dishes, and the mixing of cultures. That’s something I always look forward to.”

“My best tips for bars to visit? The ones that you happen to stumble upon. New York is about new experiences, new adventures, just make sure they make a mean Negroni or Spritz!”

“To me, looking great is more than just combining pieces. It's allowing what you incorporate into your style to speak for you, without you having to say a word.”

guerre 3

“Dressing has always been a reflection of who I am, a mix of bold colors meshed together— while being mindful not bother the environment in which I enter. I want to find a way to complement it, and add a smile.”

“Linens in the summer are a must!”