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Three Ways to Style A Denim Shirt

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Ludvig Sandell
Ludvig Sandell
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The definition of versatile. Discover how Eton's stylist, Victor, styles his favorite denim looks.

denim shirt on sitting model

Look 1

Denim on Denim

This is a look I always come back to. To get away from the ”one piece feeling” - tuck it in and add a belt that matches your shoes.

denim shirt styled with jeans

“This classic look allows the denim to truly shine.”

denim shirt styled with jeans standing model

denim shirt styled together with stylist

look 2

Dressy Relaxed

Are you looking for something dressy but want it more relaxed? Go for a darker denim shirt and pair it with a navy blue suit and black shoes.

denim shirt styled with jacket

two full body images, denim shirt, one image styled with jacket

“To show the versatility of a denim shirt, we decided to dress it up a bit and work with contrasting colors – so that the whole look becomes elevated.”

black denim shirt styled with pant

look 3

Fall Layering

Fall is all about layering. This season, our black denim shirt will for sure be a staple piece in my wardrobe. Pair it with the luxurious wool cashmere overshirt for a modern, contemporary look.

denim shirt being styled with soft suit

“The gray together with the black makes the whole outfit pop. We also wanted to display the elegance that comes with wearing a black denim shirt.”

black denim shirt styled with casual jacket and pants

stack of three denim shirts on chair

Choose Your Color

All shirts come equipped with a rounded single cuff: a single cuff that has an elegantly rounded edge at the button-closure. The rounder shape gives a softer impression, visually as well as style-wise.