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Tuxedo Shirt Guide

5 min
Richard Andersson
Richard Andersson

Step into sophistication with our latest episode of 'Sartorial Tutorials'—the 'Tuxedo Shirt Guide.' Richard Andersson, our Creative Lead takes the reins, walking you through the key steps to discover the ideal shirt to elevate your tuxedo ensemble. Whether you're gearing up for a black-tie affair or aiming to infuse elegance into your tuxedo style, this episode is your go-to manual for mastering the art of tuxedo shirt pairing. Tune in and refine your sartorial finesse.

1. Single Breasted Jacket:

A classic tuxedo combination and the epitome of timeless elegance, the single-breasted jacket with peak lapels sets the standard. With a lower button placement, it generously displays the shirt. The Piquet bib tuxedo shirt, with its light texture and black buttons adds subtle flair to this classic look.
White Piqué Tuxedo Shirt
Black Silk Bow Tie

2. Double Breasted Tuxedo:

The focus here is on the jacket's intricate details—wide peak lapels, six buttons, and a very nice silhouette that you want to emphasize. The hidden button tuxedo shirt in our Signature Twill keeps it simple with a hidden placket and French cuff, ensuring attention stays on the tuxedo's grandeur. Make sure to match the fabric of your bowtie with the fabric of the tuxedo lapels, buttons and the stripes on the side of the trousers.
White Signature Twill Tuxedo Shirt
Black Silk Bow Tie

3. Wing Collar Elegance:

Elevate your look with the wing collar tuxedo shirt. Paired with a pleated bib and a sophisticated waistcoat, this three-piece ensemble exudes outstanding elegance. It's a look that embodies the essence of a tail suit, perfect for those occasions where overdressing is a style choice.
White Plissé Tuxedo Shirt - Wing Collar
Black Bow Tie

4. Cream White Dinner Jacket:

Break the traditional mold with a cream white dinner jacket. Styled with black and white details, it's a striking choice. The shirt with a hidden button and a subtle texture complements the jacket's shine, creating a balanced and sophisticated ensemble where the block color styling stays in focus.
White Dobby Tuxedo Shirt
Black Silk Bow Tie

5. Grand Finale in Black Velvet:

For that grand New Year's party, the black or dark blue velvet dinner jacket is a showstopper. Paired with a black tuxedo shirt adorned with Swarovski crystals, it's the epitome of sophistication. This look seamlessly integrates into glamorous settings, making it a must for exclusive events.
Black Signature Twill Tuxedo Shirt with Swarovski® Crystals
Black Silk Bow Tie

Whether you're aiming for timeless class, clean lines, or a touch of luxury, there's a shirt for every occasion in Eton's collection. Click the link to discover more.