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Eton Company Information

Fashion changes. Style endures.

Eton once set out to perfect the sharp dress shirt. In the process we pioneered the wrinkle-free cotton shirt and revolutionized the industry. Today, we continue to build on our legacy and commitment to menswear, championing craftsmanship and style for all of life’s occasions. Our design philosophy revolves around expressing individuality and inspiring confidence through taste. We are firm believers in the principle that while fashion is fleeting, style is enduring.

Shirtmaking Since 1928

A flagbearer for style, quality and craft.

Our Brand Purpose

To empower the modern man to be the best he can be.

Our Quality Pledge

A shirt you’ll be entirely satisfied with.

Our presence map

A Global Brand

It all started in the Swedish village of Gånghester, where our global headquarters are still located in the old Eton building. But the Eton brand has grown, and is spreading across the world. Today we meet customers in some of the world’s most exclusive department stores and boutiques, reaching over 50 markets across Europe, North America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. Online, we have a near global reach. Our operations include own channels; e-commerce which serves customers in 44 countries, physical retail stores in five countries and wholesale distribution to premium department stores as well as marketplace in over 50 countries.

The founder of Eton, Annie Pettersson

A Story of Dedication and Audacity

Our founder Annie Pettersson had a motto: “Never hand over a shirt until you are completely satisfied with it.” In the midst of the great depression, Eton became a successful company by focusing on perfecting the shirt. The dedication to quality – and the daring decision to dream big in challenging times – continues to drive Eton today. Nearly a century’s worth of craftsmanship and commitment to quality and style is a heritage you can touch and feel in every product. At Eton we have the audacity to believe that our dreams can become reality, and we possess the confidence to take on challenges and opportunities to make them do so.

Man in in a Eton White Signature Twill Shirt

Design Language

Eton creates Swedish design with an Italian twist: combining our Nordic approach to style and craftsmanship, optimized through technology, with a Milanese sense of flair to create men’s luxury shirts, accessories, and lifestyle garments. Our collections range from sharp dress shirts for formal occasions to casual shirts, t-shirts and overshirts in luxuriously refined materials. All accompanied by men’s accessories, made in collaboration with the finest craftsmen in Europe.

It is All in the Details

Quality is all about control, in every detail. Apart from the R&D studio at the Eton headquarters in Gånghester, we do not own any factories — but our philosophy is to assure that our high standards are met as if we did. Our team is involved in every step of the process: from how the fabric is stored and handled, to how it is assembled with the accuracy of 1/3 of a millimeter.

Picture of an Eton Store

The Eton Group

Eton’s business idea is to create superior products for all occasions in life, made with consideration for people and the planet. Sold in a premium to luxury segment to men striving for excellence. The Eton assortment consists of off-the-shelf shirts and accessories, as well as custom made shirts, made with an uncompromising production and quality focus. We empower consumers to dress to express their personal sense of style and feel inspired through confidence, while enabling more sustainable purchasing behaviors through products made for longevity in style and quality.

Eton Group AB

HQ in Gånghester Sweden
Eton AB
Eton Shirts GmbH
Eton Shirts Ltd
Eton Canada, Inc.
Eton, Inc
Eton Madison Avenue, Inc. Eton S.R.L.
Eton Holding, Inc.

Market Reach

Wholesale: 50
Own eCom: 44
Own retail: 5
Near global reach via retail


Full Time Employees 244,5
(in average during the year)
IT Department, 6
Production Department, 1

Together With Eton

There are no short-cuts, workarounds, or compromises: driven by our legacy, we use the finest raw materials, and work together with our suppliers every step of the way to make sure that each product has the true Eton quality. Behind our shirts, lies the dedicated work to source high-quality materials – the finest cotton, silk, Tencel™, wool – and weaving or knitting, finishing, constructing, and controlling the result in the optimal way, every step of the way, together with the finest craftspeople in Europe.

Fabric image

Responsibility Through Heritage

As a global brand within the textile industry, we at Eton understand the impact our operations have on the climate, economies, and the communities along the value chain. Each piece produced represents resources used, and the fashion industry as a whole has an impact on the environment. The impact is not limited to our operations and supply chain, but can be felt globally through climate change. Our ambition is to build on our strengths to redefine luxury consumption as responsible consumption and garment-ownership. We currently design and collaborate with our suppliers to create high-end products with long-lasting quality, subsequently reducing our impact on the climate.


Eton Group AB
Stora vägen 8
50771 Gånghester

Postal Address:

Eton Group AB
BOX 15002
50715 Gånghester


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