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Summer in Florence

Sommer in Florenz


By: Ludvig Sandell
8 min

"An Italian city break starts with espresso and ends in gelato. Everything else is a welcome surprise!"

Florence is an incredible city, particularly in the summer. The cobbled streets maintain a vibrant glow and are full of great food, architecture, and people. In our recent visit to Florence, we met with some wonderful friends during Pitti Uomo 102 to capture the magic of Florence. We chatted about the beautiful city, their favorite things to do there, and – of course – what to wear.

model with printed linen shirt

How do you style a summer look?

For me it's all about comfort while maintaining an element of elegance. When it's hot outside I'm big on not overdoing it, instead I keep it simple: garments of good quality and a stylish hat.

— Karl-Edwin Guerre, Founder and Creative Director of No Chaser Magazine

What are your must-do’s when visiting Florence?

When it's hot I try to drink as much water as possible (I fail miserably every season), the other thing that has become a ritual is going to a fruit stand and purchasing fruits to last until I travel again.

model at market gif
Jamie Ferguson Eton shirt collab

“The history of the city can be seen around every corner: the little cobbled streets, the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, all of it.”

— Jamie Ferguson, Photographer and Author specialized in menswear

”Walking over the bridges and especially Ponte Vecchio is something I very much enjoy.”

– Justus Frederic Hansen, Inspirator

Justus Hansen for Eton in Firenze
Milad Abedi for Eton in Firenze

"Few things in life excite me more than the site of ingenious structural engineering combined with detailed yet grandiose architecture. Sitting underneath the world’s largest brick dome ever constructed, The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is one of the best examples of this in all of Italy."

— Milad Abedi, Photographer

model wearing all black shirt and pants

"I tend to stick to one core color, or tonal variants thereof, whilst simultaneously mixing in subtle elements of pattern or texture into an ensemble to add richness and depth."

— Richard Biedul, Model and Creative Director