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Das richtige Outfit für eine Hochzeit

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Simon Nilsson
Simon Nilsson

With wedding season just around the corner, it's natural for some to find it daunting when figuring out what to wear to these special occasions. As a groom or a guest, it's important to put forth a polished and formal appearance to match the occasion. The dress code on a wedding invite frequently calls for formal attire, which means a suit or tuxedo in neutral colors such as black, navy, or grey is a great choice. To complete the look, add a tie or bowtie in a complementary or monochromatic color, then pair with dress shoes and a belt that matches the shoes. Details such as the fit and fabric are key, choose a fitted suit made from a good quality fabric that is also appropriate for the climate you are in. To top off your look, it’s always a good idea make an impression with your most important feature, your face. Opt to trim your facial hair or go for a clean shave, or a clean five o’clock shadow, if you prefer that mystique. Don’t forget to style your hair or give your big bald head a close shave at the barbers. Find out more about how to dress for weddings and other events here so you can nail your look and wow the crowd with your style.

Black Tie

Don’t fret when you receive an invite for a black-tie dress code, it’s time to think about more formal and elegant attire, think Bond, James Bond. A black-tie dress code for men typically calls for a look consisting of a black tuxedo jacket and matching trousers, preferably with a satin tuxedo stripe down the leg especially if the lapels are satin. Then comes the shirt, customarily you should opt for a crisp white tuxedo shirt with a bib or a tonal pattern to highlight your bow-tie, which ideally should be composed of black silk satin. Namnlöst-3A crisp white dress shirt works great too, perfect for a black silky tie. All this of course should be paired with black patent leather dress shoes. Women can wear a long black evening gown or cocktail dress in a solid color. Accessorize with elegant jewelry and clutch. Stick to understated, timeless pieces for a classic look. Remember, black tie is the most formal dress code, so aim to look polished and put-together from head to toe.


Summer Wedding – Linen Suit

Summer weddings are one of the best times to celebrate love and unity. Rejoicing in warm weather surrounded by great friends and family is joyous but choosing the right outfit can definitely be daunting. Usually the invitation calls for anything from formal to beach formal to garden casual. A timeless and stylish option in this case would be a light linen suit paired with a white dress shirt, such as Eton's White Signature Twill Shirt that will retain its shape, ensuring you look sharp and polished throughout the day. A white poplin shirt is a great alternative and even a casual linen shirt. Linen is an ideal fabric for summer events as it is lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool in the heat.

The crisp white color of the shirt complements any linen suit and the timeless style of the outfit will make you look sophisticated and stylish at any summer wedding. This combination is a safe bet Whether the invitation states a formal or beach formal dress code. So, when you're looking for an outfit for a summer wedding, consider a light linen suit and a white dress shirt. It's a classic, elegant, and comfortable choice that is sure to make you stand out. When it comes to shoes, choose a closed toe dress shoe, perhaps a brown brogue or a suede desert boot for the beach. Sometimes at beach weddings shoes may come off during the festivities, so as you should every summer, book yourself a pedicure in advance.

Creative Black Tie

For a formal summer wedding, black tie attire is a timeless option. If you want to turn your style up a notch and standout amongst the crowd, add a touch of creativity, pair Eton's White Signature Twill Tuxedo Shirt with a white dinner jacket. Then go ahead and add a touch of shine and luster with a patterned tie and pocket square. If you’re a guest and you don’t want to outshine the groom with your impeccable style, try a classic business look made ceremonial by opting for a formal blazer, giving you a sophisticated edge. This combination offers a unique twist on traditional black-tie attire while still conveying elegance. A white dinner jacket still works and remains a great alternative to a classic black tuxedo, adding sophistication. Make a statement at the wedding with creative black-tie attire to look and feel your best.

White Tie

White tie attire is the epitome of sophistication and elegance, making it the perfect dress code for formal weddings and black-tie events. Adhering to the strict rules of the white tie dress code, it requires a long evening tailcoat, high waist trousers, and a white bow tie. The key to mastering this look is to make sure everything fits perfectly and is impeccably pressed.

White tie1

To take your white tie attire to the next level, Eton Shirt offers a crisp Piqué White Tie Shirt and a White Piqué Vest. These essential pieces will elevate your overall look, making sure you stand out in a sea of black ties and tuxedos. The attention to detail is key when it comes to white tie attire, and the white bow tie is a must-have accessory.

When dressing for a white tie wedding, remember to always err on the side of caution and opt for a classic and timeless look. The white tie dress code is steeped in tradition, so it is essential to get it right. Eton Shirt's Piqué White Tie Shirt, White Piqué Vest, and White Bow Tie are the perfect foundation to build a superbly elegant and traditional white tie attire for any wedding or black-tie event.

For those who seek to exude sophistication and elegance, white tie attire is the epitome of refinement and the ideal dress code for formal weddings and black-tie events. However, for those who desire to make a sartorial statement, a dinner jacket, as opposed to a full tuxedo, serves as a chic alternative. Eton Shirt offers a pristine Piqué White Tie Shirt with a delicate pattern, imbuing a touch of originality to the classic white shirt. This patterned shirt proves an excellent option for those who prefer to don formal attire sans bowtie, affording the chance to pair it with one of Eton's elegant ties instead. A paisley tie is a refined pattern match with the shirt, elevating the overall appearance. In the realm of black and white attire, breaking the time-honored rule of coordinating trousers with a jacket by opting for trousers of a darker hue lends a touch of individuality. To further enhance the elegance, consider Eton's most sophisticated cuff option, the French cuff. Elevate your white tie attire to new heights with Eton Shirt's Piqué White Tie Shirt, White Piqué Vest, and White Bow Tie, for a supremely sophisticated and traditional white tie ensemble for any wedding or black-tie event.

white tie2

Cocktail Attire

Cocktail attire embodies sophisticated style for weddings and special events. A timeless classic, a suit in black or navy, is an excellent foundation for a stylish and refined look. Elevate your style further by pairing your suit with Eton's White Signature Twill Shirt for a sharp and impeccable appearance.


Invest in a suit of exceptional quality that fits you to perfection, ensuring you're always ready to make a stunning impression. When dressing for a cocktail event, personal touches are what set you apart. Opt for a tie in a bold hue or striking pattern that complements your suit, and don't forget to add finishing touches such as a pocket square, cufflinks, and a boutonnière, for grooms. Remember, the secret to nailing cocktail attire is to look polished, sophisticated, and stylish with confidence.


Trend Look - Silk

Sometimes you just want something modern and trendy. In that case, choose our White Silk Shirt for a tasteful, clean look; a shirt so elegant it can be worn by both the groom and the guest. To further elevate the cool, modern look, button it all the way up.